Cirque’s ‘Alegria’ arrives in Honolulu

Oct. 1, 2010 | 0 Comments

Photo by Craig T. Kojima /

Cirque De Soleil’s “Old Nostalgic Birds,” pictured at left, middle, and right, as played by Zoe McLean, Alexander Andreasen, and An de Win, with local boy (and fireknife performer) Micah Naruo, left, and hand balancing performer Denys Tolstov.

By Steven Mark /

Cirque du Soleil, the sensory-overloading circus from Montreal, is bringing “Alegria” to Honolulu this month.

“Alegria,” which means “jubilation” in Spanish, tells the story of downtrodden youth rising up against the decadent older generation, said Cirque spokeswoman Genevieve Laurendeau.

It that seems overly political for a show that aims primarily to entertain, don’t worry. During a sneak preview Wednesday, members of the media and select guests were amused by the costumed “broncs,” or members of the royal court, and impressed by acrobat Denys Tolstov, who contorted his body into pretzels and other shapes while balancing on his hands.

Coming home to perform the Samoan fire dance for Alegria is former Honolulu resident Micah Naruo, who performed at the Polynesian Cultural Center as a student. Naruo, 26, has been touring with Alegria for two years, visiting the Middle East and Asia along with North American cities.

“I miss the mountains, the ocean, the food,” he said. “Everything seems to have changed since I was last here.”

“Alegria” plays at the Blaisdell Center from Oct. 15 through Oct. 31. Tickets are $51.50-$109 and are available at major ticket outlets.

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