PICS: 2010 SURFER Poll Awards

Dec. 7, 2010 | 9 Comments


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Kelly Slater, left, and Rob Machado on the red carpet.

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  • Carolphilips1

    Uh…his wife!

  • Attawaymaggie

    this is his wife!!!! Chaney Padaca

  • Jslater57

    Just wanted to say HELLO to both of you! Very cool hats, send me one since Rusty won’t give me his gold chain! Love Judy Slater Lane

    • Jslater57

      My comment is to Spam and Kimo! Love Mommie Dearest (Judy Slater Lane)

  • Jslater57

    What a gorgeous couple…….Love Momma Slater

  • Jslater57

    Gotta go out and shovel snow, have fun. Love Momma Slater

  • wtf

    “sonny” garcia huh

  • Anonymous

    That is the worst event photography I have ever seen! Your lens distorted the faces of people standing to the right and left, and you clearly don’t know who 75% of the guest even are.