Five-0 Redux: Pirating in hostile waters

Feb. 16, 2011 | 16 Comments

Real-life engaged couple Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey guest star on the Valentine’s Day episode of HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, February 14 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. When pirates attack a catamaran full of wealthy spring breakers, Five-0 is first on the scene. Minnillo plays a deckhand on the cruise, and Lachey her boyfriend.
—Photo by Mario Perez/CBS

In tonight’s episode, McGarrett needs help, and Danno will pay for it. Luckily, the Five-0 team has a lot of help in this episode. This was a hot episode with a few more local faces, a famous couple, and, of course, our fantastic four. Hooyah.

All week I’ve been humming a certain song as I waited in anticipation for a new episode of “Hawaii Five-0.” And no, it wasn’t a 98 Degrees tune, it was something more along the lines of: “Yo, ho, ho, ho, a pirate’s life for me.”

I know, it’s juvenile at best, but you can’t think of pirates without recalling Johnny Depp and his three pirate movies, the fourth having just wrapped filming in Hawaii months before “Hawaii Five-0” started shooting. So it seemed apropos that “Hawaii Five-0” would have another exciting episode for us aptly named “Powa ma ka moana,” which in Hawaiian means “pirate,” to be more specific, “robber of the ocean,” and the robbery, and the ocean, play a big part in the Five-0 Team’s investigation.

But the stars tonight, including the lovely Vanessa Minnillo as Susan and her handsome fiancé Nick Lachey, formerly of the aforementioned 98 Degrees, along with our local boys Taylor Wily, our favorite Kamekona, and Branscombe Richmond as Saloni, a helpful Tongan “robber,” did not disappoint.

It was also nice to see more local flavor in the smaller roles. Kale Chang, our resident Honolulu Boy Choir choral director, played the bad boy Big Lono, and while he looked very scary, I would have liked him to have flexed his pidgin vocals a little more. It was a bit disconcerting to have him speak such nice proper English as he refused to help McGarrett and Danno. Although I don’t think his nice language stopped McG from using his spare grenade to get him to talk. Ingenious interrogation technique, Steve. I’m sure Danno, that’s Mr. Sunshine to you, will remind you of your actions the next time you are bickering in the Camaro on a slow traffic day. Or perhaps while pushing Jack Lord’s beloved Mercury — now the late John McGarrett’s fixer-upper — up Tantalus (not the Pali as Danno says) on a 95-degree day. Well, maybe 85 degrees with humidity that makes it feel 98 degrees. Thank you, I’ll be here all night.

Branscombe Richmond was terrific as a Tongan Robin Hood. He’s a robber with a heart of gold. And someone’s watch of gold, too. Only steals from the rich, is his motto. Good thing his heart was in helping the Five-0 team find out who killed his cousin and clearing his band of Tongan brothers from any serious wrongdoing. Robbing is one thing, kidnapping and murder completely another kind of crime, according to the code of thieves. Perhaps Jack Sparrow did teach us a thing or two about real pirating.

On a lighter note, Kono got a sweet Valentine in the episode from flirty Moku the Bartender, played by local boy Cody Gomes. I’m so glad he did not call Chin Ho Kono’s Daddy, but nothing flusters Chin Ho, except being called a thief. Perhaps Moku was really just trying to get Kono’s number, and what young hot bartender worth his salt wouldn’t try and get Kono’s number? I’m sure many of you are raising your hands as you read this. Stand in line behind Moku, bruddahs.

Dennis Chun again played our faithful Sgt. Duke Lukela and added more to the local lineup for the episode. It was also great to see some of the extras in the background in military uniforms, especially during the scenes where Kamekona was jogging in his plastic bag near the Hale Koa Hotel. It was a change of pace to see more than just hot girls in bikinis on the beach, as the area near Fort DeRussy and the Hale Koa often have our servicemen and women walking around. But I’m sure the hot girls will be back in future episodes, I would bank my sand dollars on it.

But the true robber of the evening was Nick Lachey. Did you see our singing cutie as a robber of the ocean? Sure, call him a thief of hearts, a Pirate of Penzance even, but a kidnapper and a murderer? Thank God, I found you out Mr. Lachey. Perhaps halfway through the episode, but still, because of you, this episode was triple banana fantastic.

And Kono, it feels good to get hugged and thanked after you’ve done a good job, doesn’t it? Nice to see our often-battered rookie get a hug instead of a punch. There were a few tears this time, especially when we see the kids who were stolen from the ocean reunited with their parents. Thankfully, the Five-0 team again thwarts the robbers, and makes our Valentine’s Day end on a high note.

Redux side note: I’m hoping perhaps in a future episode to see a wrestling match between Kamekona and perhaps a semi-reluctant Danno? Some of you may already know that Taylor Wily was once a sumo wrestler who competed under the name Takamishu. I know I am not alone when I say I’d like to see Danno in a mawashi. Bring it, Mr. Sunshine.


Wendie Burbridge is a published writer, playwright and a teacher of literature and fiction writing at Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama

  • tawnliz

    LOL! WendieJoy, you always provide an insightful spin on the epi’s. Love the pirate comparison to Jack Sparrow and the Disney ride. I thought Nick Lachey did an awesome job as one of the ‘pirates’. He went from 98% nice to 150% naughty! For poor Danno and Steve and pushing the car, I have a AAA card if Steve needs it! LOL! Again, well reviewed!

  • Z.

    as soon as i saw Kale and then heard him talk…buggah no match!

  • Mr V

    You know Mr. V loves allusions, and your allusions to 98 degrees’ songs were awesome. I was just really glad that McGarrett figured it out in the end, because I had figured the “survivor” was dirty from the start. Sometimes it is good to see the heroes have to really work for a win, but there were moments I was really worried about their skills. Oh and on a side note, this former bartender doesn’t stand in line behind anybody. HAHAHAHAH!!!

  • Anonymous

    Branscombe Richmond seems to have gotten a tad pudgy since Renegade w/ Lorenzo Lamas.

    • Tulloch

      Oh, thank you. I knew I recognized him but could not remember the show. You’re right, he has gained a bit of weight.

  • Tulloch

    Loved your blog. I know that you concentrate on local actors which I love. Loved learning about Kameknoa. I recognized Eddie Albert Jr. who played Mr. Brown, if I remember the name correctly. I’m probably one of the few, showing my age (ack!) Anyone seen repeats of Green Acres? Eddie Albert played the lead, and we saw his son last night.

    • Overdamoon

      Isn’t Ray Wise the actor who played Mr. Brown, the father whose son was killed? Great casting. He was excellent in the show.

    • Overdamoon

      Isn’t Ray Wise the actor who played Mr. Brown, the father whose son was killed? Great casting. He was excellent in the show.

      • Wendie Joy

        He was also Laura Palmer’s dad…. but I thought i’d be dating myself knowing that. LOL

    • Overdamoon

      Isn’t Ray Wise the actor who played Mr. Brown, the father whose son was killed? Great casting. He was excellent in the show.

  • Samantha Hunt

    Thanks ;) The focus on the local actors is really great. You never read that much about them, which is a pity, because without them the show would only be half as good and for sure less authentic, so thank you. and the scene in the pawn shop really was epic! Steve having a grenade hidden in Danno’s Camaro just seems totally realistic :D Loved it!

  • Anonymous

    I want to see more of officer Wallace Salazar he is such a hunk.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the music and song that was playing as the kids reunited with their parents?

  • Silke

    Nope, you are not alone! I definitely wanna see Mr Sunshine in a Mawashi too!!!

  • Serena

    Wendie, it was nice to see recurring roles of some and new locals incorporated into the show. Funny moments and great interaction with cast and the case make Hawaii Five 0 a show to definitley watch, which of course won its time slot once again! Great synposis of the episode. Keep it coming!

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