Five-0 Redux: Desperate times, desperate measures

Mar. 29, 2011 | 12 Comments

BY WENDIE BURBRIDGE / Special to the Star-Advertiser

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—Photos by Neil Jacobs/CBS

Tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 originally aired as the “Christmas” episode and if you weren’t a Chin Ho fan before this episode — you most definitely became one after seeing the lengths the team goes through to save his life. Let’s just say that the Five-0 team goes through some desperate measures to save Chin from literally losing his head. So “Hana ‘a‘a Makehewa” or “desperate measures” lives up to its Hawaiian translation. Because the team gets desperate enough to lie, cheat, and steal — all to save one of their own. Which as we know from getting to know our fearless four this season, are not easy things for them to do. But when one of them has their head in a radio controlled explosive, I think they can get over any legal problems that may arise from stealing a measly bit of millions hidden underground that could save Chin’s life. Good thing Kono came up with the idea, as she would be the only one, besides Chin, who knew about the existence of the money. Good thing she and Steve are game to risk their careers, and their fashion sense, to break into the underground HPD locker to get the 10 million dollars that the formerly dead and seemingly bullet proof Victor Hesse (James Marsters) wants in ransom for deactivating Chin’s electronic noose.

I’d ask if you are with me so far, but this is yet another repeat. So you’ve probably seen this one already, and know the outcome. Maybe it made better sense for you this time around. Funny how I was running the storyline together as I waited for the scene when the governor tells McG that the $10 million is all accounted for — but that was in the Tsunami episode. I was imagining that scene was in this episode, but it may have been because I think I know who “replaced” the money — perhaps he is Hesse’s mysterious prison visitor — Wo Fat.

  • Terry

    Another good one, WJ! As for the “aloha” I think that had they used any of the other Hawaiian terms mentioned, those of us outside of Hawaii would not have known what they meant, so they wouldn’t have had the desired effect for us. Most of us heard “aloha” as “goodbye” and that was just heart-breaking.

    • Wendie Joy

      Thanks Terry! Great comment. I love your perspective, as I was thinking another way since “Aloha” is so overused here in Hawaii. Nice to have your view point. Thanks! :) WJ

    • Scott Kaalele

      But Aloha doesn’t mean goodbye. The whole show is a misrepresentation of Hawaii, for the consumption of “those of us outside of Hawaii.” That’s what is heartbreaking.

  • Oreilly Stan

    Love this show-excellent characters and actors. Stan and Maeve – Ireland.

  • Iris Uehara

    Bring Lono back

  • Cpaola

    Love the blog Wen!!!

  • Anonymous

    Old Five-O good.

    New Five-O Bad.

    My first comment was stopped by the editor. I wonder if this one makes it.

  • Willybaum

    Yup, I tweeted after the Tsunsmi episode that it must have been Wo Fat who had replaced the money as a means to blackmail 5-0. In fact, most of the crimes might have been planned or backed by Wo Fat as a means to test the team.

  • Anonymous

    Haole Five-O.

  • Kamaaina50

    Aunty, as I have stated before, I really enjoy your elucidation of the plots and events of each episode, but this time, I will disagree your “objection” to the use of “Aloha”. For all of my life being raised in the islands, that word has always carried a multitude of meanings ….. often not defineable, and used in even more occasions that would seem “not correct”. But Aunty, it is always the “Spirit of Aloha” that has always been meaningful, however and whenever used. That in my eyes, made that use of “Aloha” real for that moment.

    Being a Kamaaina, sometimes being too literal gives rise to Hawaiians being less open to non-Hawaiians, as like most cultures, there are so much behind “local” sayings that carry meanings far beyond the literal word. Being from Hawaii, you should know this as well ….. so stop being so Haole, Aunty. Mahalo.


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