Grind Time: No plans for bars at Whole Foods

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A number of people, this reporter included, got mighty excited last month when Whole Foods Market co-CEO Walter Robb mentioned in this USA Today story that the upscale grocery chain would increase the number of in-store bars at its 305 locations around the United States.

After opening bars in California, Arizona, Illinois and Texas, Robb specifically mentioned Hawaii as he discussed the company’s plans for further expansion.

Unfortunately, a few days after the original story appeared in USA Today and was mentioned here on the Pulse, a spokesperson for Whole Foods in Hawaii passed along the following message:

While it would be terrific if the Kahala store were to add an in-store bar (trust me, I’d be the first in line!) there are no plans at this time to open one in this store or the Kahului store.

Just goes to show you — sometimes the people who are supposed to know what’s going on are just as much in the dark as the rest of us.
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