PICS: ‘Hawaii Five-0: Ha’i’ole’

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Alex O’Loughlin stars as Steve McGarrett, who sits in prison awaiting trial for murder of the governor. (Courtesy CBS)


Each week, the Pulse will post a gallery of images from “Hawaii Five-0″ provided by CBS. This week’s season premiere, entitled “Ha’i’ole,” finds Steve McGarrett behind bars and his team in turmoil.

Pulse blogger — and Kamehameha Schools teacher — Wendie Burbridge wrote about the episode’s title in her blog, “The Five-0 Redux,” earlier this month:

“The title of Saturday’s premiere episode is “Ha‘i‘ole.” Note the ‘okinas placed before and after the “i.” In Hawaiian language, the ‘okina is used as a consonant. It can change the meaning of words regardless of spelling. Hā‘iole is a completely different word than ha‘i‘ole — with just the addition of another ‘okina. According to my friend and Hawaiian language expert, T Ilihia Gionson, “Ha‘i‘ole” means to be stubborn and inflexible (haʻi = break, ʻole = not going) or not going to tell (haʻi also = speak).

CBS has the title written two ways on their website, but primarily the spelling of “Ha‘i‘ole,” with their translation as “Unbreakable,” seems to work if both ‘okinas are added to the word. If only one is used — as in “Hā‘iole” which means “the breath of the rat,” that could really change the theme and point the writers were trying to make for this season starter.”

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