Hawaii woman wants to be ‘Hometown Hottie’

Nov. 10, 2011 | 12 Comments

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BY STEVEN MARK / smark@staradvertiser.com

Aja Dang, a Punahou graduate now studying to be a journalist at the University of Southern California, is seeking your support in her quest to become Maxim magazine’s “Hometown Hottie.”

Aja Dang poses for a picture on a beach at home in Hawaii. (Courtesy Alex Kamm)

Aja Dang poses for a picture on a beach at home in Hawaii. (Courtesy Alex Kamm)

Dang, 24, is one of 10 contestants in the contest. Their pictures, videos and biographical information can be seen at www.hometownhotties.com/gallery.

Dang said she wanted to be a “Hottie” since she was young.

“I would open up the magazine and I wanted to be one of those girls in the magazine,” she said. “Now I’m a graduate student at USC and thought it might be pretty cool to write for them.”

She’s hoping that her participation in the contest will give her access to the editors and publishers of the men’s magazine. She envisions appearing on videos on Maxim’s website.

“I’ve actually always wanted to write a column for them, where guys write in and ask for advice about relationships, love, girls, what have you, and who better to answer that than a Hometown Hottie?”

Dang said she was perfectly comfortable posing in skimpy swimsuits for Maxim, and added that her parents have been supportive of her career.

“You should see the bathing suits I go to Sandy’s in, it’s nothing.”

Dang is of Welsh, Chinese and Slovenian ancestry and grew up in Manoa. She modeled locally before going to the mainland for college. Since she moved to Los Angeles, she has appeared in a few music videos. She said she’s gotten a lot of support from the island community already.

“I just feel really thankful to be from an island that supports and wants the best out of everyone,” she said.

Fans can vote once a day until Dec. 5.

  • makani

    A true ‘Homegirl!

  • http://twitter.com/thehiearchy thehiearchy

    Great article!! Aja is definately the hottest of the hometown hotties. Personality is even more reason to vote for her. I’m from Atlanta,lived in Miami,visited NY and L.A. and the woman can hold her own with the best! Hawaii stand up,you have a star in the making. GO AJA!!!

  • Anonymous

    So much for the feminist movement, I guess.

    Dang, go get a life. Try to aspire to something more than “being a hottie.” 

    • Anonymous

      Oh Dang!
      Actually the article indirectly states she wants to win the Maxim modeling contest so that it might give her better opportunities to become a columnist in the magazine, video work or whatever  Many top models later on became big time (ie made some serious $$$$) actors like Elizabeth Hurley and others.  Hawaii’s Kelly Hu got her start in entertaninment from winning the Miss Teen USA contest so if Dang can win a “hottie” contest more power to her.   By the way I think a few years ago both Kelly Hu and Grace Park of Hawaii 5-0 were also feature models in Maxim magazine as well.

    • http://twitter.com/thehiearchy thehiearchy

      either you’re a jealous woman who wished she looked like Aja or a man who doesn’t like looking at women….which one?

    • Anonymous

      The “hottie” contest isn’t an aspiration or end in itself.  It’s a means to an end or an opening to more opportunities.  YOU should aspire to be more than a hater or myopic excuse for a human being.

    • Alex VanStory

      Hey, even if you dont like it, there are some people that do! but thats the point f comments. to say ur opinion! being a hater doesnt help, but hating on a hater is worse! i myself am in a nuetral position on the way my cousin is acting.

  • Anonymous

    I reviewed all the photos and the 3 videos at the link.

    A cutie, but the genuineness does not show thru!

    Good luck Aja!

  • Anonymous

    This interesting…..How do submit photos to Maxim??…..I think they will like my models;-)…https://www.facebook.com/GilbertStaInesPhotography


    dang is my choice because u naturally beauty


    dang u are so beauty and naturaly u are my choice

  • Alex VanStory

    shes actually my cousin