Food La La: ‘Taste of Korea’ at the Halekulani

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Grace Kim, Rebekah Kim, and me.

Grace Kim, Rebekah Kim, and the author. (Courtesy Lindsey Muraoka)

BY LINDSEY MURAOKA / Special to the Star-Advertiser

This week I attended “Taste of Korea”, an event hosted by the Korean Consulate at the Halekulani in Waikiki. This event showcased various types of traditional Korean alcohol as well as delicious food.

This was my first time trying out Korean wine. The strawberry wine was sweet, yet it had a deep flavor. The pomegranate wine was light and slightly tangy. My favorite was the apple wine; it had a strong apple flavor and the perfect amount of sweetness. They were all very easy to drink.

These are different kinds of baekseju and makkoli. Baekseju literally translates to “100 years wine.” It’s made with rice and various herbs and is supposed to keep you healthy enough to live to 100 years old.

Makkoli is one of my favorite alcoholic beverages. It’s also made with rice and has a milky and sweet taste. I drank it a lot when I was in Korea.

The ballroom area had shrimp tempura, sushi, vegetables, cheese and fruit platters.

Beautiful design.

Pajun (Korean pancake) made with shrimp, clams, onions, and kimchi. This goes great with soju!

Bossam is kimchi wrapped with oyster and pork belly. Very delicious, with lots of flavor!

I really liked the braised short ribs. They were extremely tender and savory.

Assortment of dduk (rice cake). I liked them all — especially the pink and green one in the middle, because it was filled with honey!

With David Lim, CEO of Radio Korea Hawaii.

Helen Kwak and Rebekah Kim. Rebekah used to be in a famous girl group in Korea called After School. She’s very talented and really nice. She has over 65,000 followers on Twitter. So awesome!

I was very excited to meet Alan Wong!

Prior to this event, I’ve only drank soju and makkoli so I’m thankful I was able to attend and learn about the other types of Korean drinks. I stayed until the end because I was having so much fun trying all the alcohol. They even had extra bottles so I was able to take home some of my favorites! Score!
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