Truth from Dare: Ladies first

Apr. 18, 2012 | 1 Comment

Partying at Apartment3 during the debut of "Champagne Campaign" last week. (Star-Advertiser File)

Partying at Apartment3 during the debut of "Champagne Campaign" last week. (Star-Advertiser File)

BY DERIN DEREGO / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Perhaps Beyonce was on to something when she asked the question, “Who runs the world?” and delivered the answer in one simple word, “GIRLS.” Everywhere you look, women seem to doing big things and doing them well.

Turn on the television and on any given night you’ll find a show anchored by an actress. From sitcoms like “New Girl” and “GCB” to dramas like “Revenge” and “Scandal,” it seems women are everywhere. And don’t get me started on reality television or who appears to wear the pants in “Brangelina.” In any case, it’s great to see women in the spotlight — even if that means the antics of Kim Kardashian and Snooki are sometimes highlighted.

The female phenomenon has definitely been visible in the Honolulu club scene, too. I’m noticing more groups of young ladies reveling in their singledom and simply enjoying themselves. Such was the case last Thursday at “Champagne Campaign,” a new weekly event at Apartment3. The place was packed by 11 p.m. with 20- and 30-somethings who all seemed to know each other. And while Apartment3 isn’t the best place for dancing (due to the layout and low ceiling), everyone seemed to be enjoying the hip-hop and R&B grooves being played.

Around midnight, virtually the entire party moved to Addiction Nightclub for their weekly “Ladies’ Night” festivities. Once there, people were free to dance the night away comfortably. If you still haven’t been to this hotspot, Thursday is the easiest night to get in and it’s much more tolerable if you’re not a fan of overcrowding.

The remainder of my weekend was pretty mellow — but there’s so much going on this week that I’m glad I was able to have some downtime. If you really wanted to, there was something to do every night this so far this week. (Check out the Pulse’s photo galleries for recaps of things you may have missed, including The Shins in concert last night.)

Tonight, the Hawaii Symphony debuts their “Pops” series with some amazing local talent. Raiatea Helm, Na Leo Pilimehana and Henry Kapono are all slated to perform with the reformed group at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. Since the show starts fairly early, I’ll take in as much as I can before heading to my next stop.

Jimmy Cliff. (Courtesy photo)

Jimmy Cliff. (Courtesy photo)

I’m pretty stoked that Jimmy Cliff is returning to Hawaii for a show tonight at the Waterfront at Aloha Tower. It’s been more than a decade since I last saw him perform, but I remember him putting on an amazing show that went on for hours. Probably best known for his remake of “I Can See Clearly Now,” which was so popular it was used in a glass cleaner commercial, Mr. Cliff has a ton of familar songs that go back to the 1980’s. Other notables include “Reggae Nights,””Brown Eyes,” and, more recently, “Rebel In Me” and “John Crow” from the movie “Marked For Death.”

With so many hits, this will surely be a show where you find yourself singing along for most of the evening.

After such a fun-filled Wednesday, I’ll probably use Thursday as a pit stop before the weekend. While I’m not sure if it’s because the date is 4/20, it seems like Friday is bursting at the seams with things to do.

Miller Coors is hosting their annual “Partner Appreciation Party,” a private pau hana affair where the beer giant thanks all of its retail and nightclub partners, at Dave and Buster’s with pupus, prizes, and, of course, beer.

For those who like things more upbeat, New York-based electronic dance musician JES will perform at SoHo Mixed Media Bar. The pop-tronica princess headlines an evening of dance music and laser lights for an 18-and-over crowd.

Finally on Friday, there’s the launch of “The Manor” at The Standard (which, by the way, will be changing its name in the weeks ahead). Flash Hansen has teamed up with Architechs Hawaii and Tantriq Entertainment to offer a new Friday destination featuring beats from DJs Delve and XL.

After a Friday of that caliber, staying in on Saturday is a definite possibility. There are a couple of things that have me tempted though. During the day, there’s the return of the Ocean Expo at the Blaisdell. This lifestyle-driven showcase of all things ocean-related (food, sports, conservation, etc.) is actually one of the more engaging expos, and highlights include a poke competition and live entertainment. Also going on fairly early that night is the first of two sold-out Jack Johnson concerts at Hawaii Theatre.

Saturday is also the return of “Shake-N-Pop,” the monthly dance party at thirtyninehotel. You’re sure to run into people you know at this diverse gathering of music enthusiasts. And on the off chance that you don’t, the music is so good it won’t matter.

That’s the lowdown for what’s going on this week. Ladies, get your posse together and head out because for the time being there seems to be no stopping you. And fellas, if it’s ladies you’re looking for, they’re sure to be out in full force at the parties I mentioned above.
When he’s not out and about at the hottest parties and other events in Honolulu, Derin “Dare” Derego works as an account executive at a local radio station group. Reach him via email at or follow him on Twitter.

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    A great analysis of the current nightclub and U.S. mainland entertainment shows scene, Derin !