‘Abstract Noir’ pushes the envelope

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<em>Caleb Shinobi. (Courtesy photo)</em>

Caleb Shinobi. (Courtesy photo)

BY NADINE KAM / nkam@staradvertiser.com

Fashion at its extreme will be on view when Shinobi Productions presents “Abstract Noir,” the first major fashion event of the new year, beginning with red carpet entry at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 11, at Coxist Studio, 331 Keawe St.

Stylist Caleb Shinobi aims to push the envelope of art, fashion and technology during the event, something he’s been wanting to do for a long time.

<em>Shinobi in one of his creations. (Courtesy photo)</em>

Shinobi in one of his creations. (Courtesy photo)

Known on the nightlife circuit for his Gothic-meets-S&M-meets-Karl Lagerfeld-meets-Alexander McQueen ensembles, he aims to bring to Hawaii “something a little different and avant garde.”

“Usually, when I’m working, I’m collaborating with art directors and film directors. I always use a little of my touch. but essentially I have to do what they want. I respect everyone’s vision, but I wanted to do something that will show my vision. It’s a little goth, futuristic, avant garde, and nothing you’d wear on the street. You might wear it on a red carpet.

“Not everyone’s gonna like it, but I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes. It’s just what I like.”

Because his ensembles are so far from casual, light Hawaii style, he said he initially invited stares and the question, “Who’s this freak?” Yet, it’s paid off with styling work for visiting music and commercial crews, most notably work on Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” video filmed in various locations around the island.

“People tell me I should be in New York or London, but this couldn’t have happened anywhere but here,” said Shinobi, who recently graduated from the University of Hawaii as a registered nurse.

Without formal fashion training, he said, to start anywhere else “would have seemed unattainable or unreachable.”

He said Hawaii’s small community made it possible to build his reputation.

“People really supported me,” said Shinobi.

Tickets for the fashion show are $15 general admission and $35 VIP. To purchase, visit www.shinobi.amnights.com.

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