• http://twitter.com/hedwig2212 Dina

    Well I think you covered everything!! Wendie great job! I think the only other thing i would add is that I did feel it was a balance of character- not character driven but we saw a bit of each core character. I adored the bookem to Kono and Danno’s “Where’s the love?” again another part of friendship- sharing duties hehehee

  • http://twitter.com/marthajsmith Martha’s Life

    This was such and awesome episode. I noticed that one of my fav actors Bruce Locke was on briefly as the Taiwanese mobster that Kono dropped the container on. He is such a great bad guy. Your review is awesome and very enjoyable as always.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FabFourLover Linda Stein

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of the season. The shark
    story was very appropriate. Isn’t this the episode where the local people
    who live at that bay didn’t want them to shoot because similar things
    (arson on boats) had occurred? So it was very apropos to current events
    on the island.

    I have to say, Cath’s entrance into Casa McG was awesome. I
    LOVED the look she got from both Steve AND Kamekona and how she was a “distraction” during the flight simulator game. I also loved how she
    called Kamekona “Kame” LOL And yeah….looks like all is forgiven between Steve & Cath. I’m sure there will be howls of fury from the masses because it was resolved off camera but I’m just glad they’re ok.

    Lots of team moments which is always a good thing. Steve and Danny in the
    car not once but twice (a bonus). I LOVED the take down scene. First
    off, how often do we see the bad guys get a drop on our boys? And Ed’s
    right. When we didn’t see Kono for so long you just KNEW she’d be the
    one to the rescue. Unbelievable? Why? Chin operate a huge piece of
    machinery last season to dig the kidnapped kids/bread truck out of a
    mountain of dirt. Why can’t Kono do this? “Book ’em Kono” was
    fantastic but Danny’s “Whoa…where’s the love?” was even better.
    See…he DOES like it!!!!! LOL

    Leilani’s appearance was very heartwarming. It was fun to see Chin be all shy and awkward. I’m very glad they didn’t have him leap at the chance to
    go out with her but hesitate and remember that Malia hasn’t been gone
    all that long. Leilani’s “when you’re ready” was very sweet. I hope
    something comes from this for Chin. He deserves some happiness.

    I swear Jeff Cadiente must have paid his stunt crew triple overtime for
    this episode. Practically every other scene had some awesome bit of
    stunt work and take downs. Jeff did a fantastic job in his first
    directorial outing and I hope they give him another shot. Between his
    direction and stunts and Kyle Harimoto’s writing, this episode may go
    down as one of my all time favorites.

    And of course, the ending solidified it for me. I ADORED Magnum when it
    was on the air. I was very happy to see there was more to the scene
    than just the promo sneak peak we saw on line. I loved how Kame was
    practicing his tour guide script on the boys and how Danny was terrified
    to be up in the air with him. The sing along to the Magnum theme song
    was inspired.

    Yes…I have to say…I can’t find one thing about this episode that I didn’t
    like. I know…no real surprise there. I can’t wait to watch it again!

  • janelle

    Great write up like usual. Really enjoyed the episode with the salt and peppering of many recurring actors. Loved the fab four all together again taking down the bad guys, just enough action. Book ’em Kono! Danno’s reaction was perfect. Great carguments, nice humor, love seeing Kala and the crew, touching ending with the team helping out with clean up and rebuilding, and of course the helicopter ride. Great job by all starting with Lenkov, Harimoto and Cadiente and all cast and crew. They work hard and it pays off!

  • http://twitter.com/drittokaren Karen Dritto

    Great review Wendie! This was one of those perfect episodes that had it all!! I just love when the entire crew is involved in an episode! There’s nothing better than enjoying BAMF Kono and Chin! It was a nice change of pace from the usual “procedural”. Jeff did an excellent job and hope he’s back real soon! There should never be a price for friendship and our guys are the poster children for that theme. Seeing Leilani gave me hope for a new relationship for Chin (and I hope she doesn’t suffer from the “Malia” syndrome) and the “book-em Kono” was fantastic – I just loved Danny’s “where’s the love” face! But the last 5 mins in the chopper had me smiling like a fool! All of them bopping along to the Magnum theme!! Absolutely PRICELESS! I think Kame (love that nickname compliments of Catherine!!) is more like TC – not Higgy baby!! I went to sleep sooo happy having seen Steve in a tank top – oh my my those beautiful arms of his – and JEANS! (can you put in a good word – can we have more of that PLEASE!!!!) Just LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!

  • pauldunn1

    This ep was VERY good on all levels as was your review. I agree fully with the previous posts about this ep. Having Kono drop the big container on the bad guys and to get the bookem line was over the top good TV. Can’t wait for the next new ep.

  • http://twitter.com/LizzieM2001 ♥ Lizzie Maldonado ♥

    Great review Windie, as always!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/robin.j.bridges Robin Jane Bridges

    I really liked the episode last night. Everything seemed to flow together last night instead of jumping here and there.

  • Kathy Lynn

    Wendie: Thanks so much for another great review. I always want to go back and watch the episode again when I’m done reading (and I sometimes do). You add so much texture. I hope the show runners appreciate you. We do.
    Showrunners: See what you did last night? Do it again. We don’t need random Kardashians or other “celebrities” (except for James Caan, he can come back) to get us to watch the show. We just need more of this refreshing writing and directing and great local actors like Kala Alexander. And thanks for showing us that there is more to Oahu than Honolulu. Please be nice to Wendie, we like her :).

  • Diane

    Hi Wendie. Thanks for the review. I agreed with everything you said. I loved that Steve and Catherine seem to go on as ususal. I like the idea of Chin finding someone else, but I’m glad they are showing that he is not just jumping right in. Very few people would after they lost a spouse. Loved that Kono was the one who got to rescue her team. The picture on the guys lap of him and his friends was a great touch. I also loved the ending scene, I was big Magnum PI fan. I would like to see Tom Selleck guest star, it doesn’t have to be as Magnum, I would just love to see him back in Hawaii. I love all the regular characters, but you do need someone to come and enhance a episode every now and then. Life just isn’t a few people and noone else. Looking forward to your next review.

  • S Barnes

    Wendie, love your review of last night’s Hawaii Five-0. It was awesome. The ending with McGarrett and Kono helping with the boat and Danno and Chin helping with the rebuilding of the burned house was very heart warming. The helicopter scene was precious. I used to watch Magnum PI all the time and thought it was an excellent idea to include the theme song. In one of the scenes with Steve and Danno in the Camaro, there was a special look on Steve’s face that was priceless (he is such a handsome man especially when he smiles).

  • jlopie1

    Yes! Yes! I agree 100%, Wendie. About everything, but especially about Jeff Cadiente. I thought about the fact that Jeff has been associated with H50 since the beginning, and it really does make a difference! He comes with fresh ideas, new camera angles and a crisp, sharp focus on the action and the characters. I really, really hope we get to keep him on H50! I dont want him to get so good that NCIS steals him away from us!

    Loved everything about this episode. It had a real Season 1 vibe. The Core 4 did their thing to perfection, and the satellite characters all got great screen time this week (I did miss Gracie, though!). As a Magnum P.I. fan, I loved the final few minutes. I’d love to see more episodes of this nature and caliber, if for no other reason than the fact there was nothing to really complain about!

    Thanks for a great review, as usual, my friend!

  • Sanford

    I’ve never left a message here or anywhere BUT this one is worth expressing how good the show was. We watch this show all the time and I always make comments to my girlfriend as we are watching, as to how I would have changed the story or which direction to take it. This show was PERFECT. My two favorite parts, like most others here, was Kono dropping the container on the dude. The other was the Magnum P.I. “tribute” at the end. Excellent writing and execution! One of those times you wish this was a 2 hour show!!

  • mcgreggl

    I’m a little late but another great review, Wendie. No episode is complete without reading your complimentary column the next day (or the next week if you are behind in your DVRing like I am). I enjoyed this episode, it gave us a decent procedural that incorporated current events with some sweet moments. It also gave us Michelle Borth in a bikini to start the show (I hate it when she only has a token appearance – but in this case, it was a nice token appearance).
    I was also pleased to see that the show is officially renewed for next year. I hope they finish strong this year and I look forward to next year, too.

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