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BY LINDSEY MURAOKA / Special to the Star-Advertiser

I think brunch is the best time of day. You don’t need to wake up early, yet you can still enjoy breakfast favorites such as omelets and waffles.

Recently, I had brunch with my friends at Hula Grill located in the Outrigger Waikiki to check out their new menu.

Make sure to request to sit outside so you can have a nice view of the ocean!


The Croissant French Toast ($9.75) was the favorite of all the dishes. It’s rich, buttery, and covered with Kula strawberries and bacon crème. It’s a happy blend of savory and sweet.


The Kahuna Burrito ($11.25) is a popular dish. It’s filled with eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, avocado and a chipotle salsa cream. The spicy chipotle cream really adds to the dish and gives it a pop of flavor.


Eggs Benedict is, by far, my favorite breakfast food, so I was happy to see Hula Grill offers four different types: classic ham, Portuguese sausage, a vegetarian style with Hau’ula tomatoes and a version made with fresh ahi. We tried their Seared Peppered Ahi Benedict ($13.25) with wasabi hollandaise sauce. The sauce was creamy and not too spicy. Eggs Benedict is usually richer, so I think this dish is great if you want something on the lighter side.


The Crab and Avocado Benedict ($12.75) was one of the weekly specials. Crab with avocado always goes great together, and the avocado adds even more decadence to this dish.

crab benedict

The Fried Rice Fo’ Days ($10.25) contains kalua pork, Kukui Portugese sausage and bacon. The dish is rich but not greasy. The kalua pork has a tangy flavor that brightly wakes up the fried rice.

fried rice

This Father’s Day, Hula Grill will offer a special menu until 2 p.m. that includes half-priced mimosas and the following specials:

» Kalua Pork Hash ($12.75)
» Fresh Bacon Benedict ($12)
» Biscuits and Gravy ($10.25)
» Chicken Karaage Sandwich ($11.25)
» Steak and Eggs ($16)
» Crispy Monte Cristo ($11.25)
» Lobster Salad Sliders ($14.50)
» Loco Moco Brunch Burger ($11.75)

Overall, Hula Grill is a great place to have brunch with friends, relax, and enjoy the view!
Lindsey Muraoka blogs about food and drink for the Pulse. Contact her on Twitter or via email at

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