Food La La: The Curb pops up at Ala Moana

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The Curb

BY LINDSEY MURAOKA / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Looking for a morning caffeine fix or a quick pick-me-up while shopping? Check out the newest pop-up café in Ala Moana, The Curb!

Located on the bottom floor of Ala Moana in the old Arby’s spot near Barnes & Noble, The Curb is serving up some of their finest coffee and espresso freshly brewed to order.


Their main source of coffee is Stumptown and locally grown Rusty’s Hawaiian.


Flat White Espresso.

Flat White Espresso

Check out my video interview with owner Sumner Ohye:

One of the unique offers on the menu is the Japanese iced coffee made by the chemex method. You can see how it is made in the video above!

Barista Patrick Oiye making a Japanese Iced coffee using a chemex.

Barista Patrick Oiye making a Japanese Iced coffee using a chemex.

If you’re like me and coffee is too potent for you (I get jittery and end up staying up all night), The Curb also has a nice selection of teas. Here’s their iced lemonade green tea with fresh fruits.


The Curb holds coffee classes every Saturday. Here’s video I took at a recent class where we learned the techniques of cupping, a fancy word for coffee tasting.

Basically the procedure for cupping is to first smell the coffee, and then taste it by loudly slurping like its ramen noodles in order to measure texture and flavor.

Coffee Cupping

Check out The Curb’s Facebook page for details on classes.
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