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Jun. 12, 2013 | 1 Comment

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BY KALANI WILHELM / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Meet DJ Matt Rage.

Behind the hipster eyewear, ear gauges and star tattoos is a dedicated electronic music fan with lofty expectations and a genuine passion for all things EDM.

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‘Mecca Fridays’

With special guest DJ Matt Rage

» Where: Ginza Nightclub, 1230 Kona St.
» When: 10 p.m.
» Info: Facebook Event Page

Consider the newcomer a byproduct of today’s EDM phenomena, where swag is just as important as skill and party-rocking ability. Look past the image aspect of his persona and you’ll discover he is cut from a different cloth — Rage is both humble and eager to put in the work to reach his full potential.

His style, as his DJ moniker suggests, is an energy-infused brand of high-octane, in-your-face electro. His amped-up style has been a welcome addition to mainstream rave culture for providing a little bit of what trendy EDM clubbers enjoy without totally selling out.

“The feeling of just coming into a rave or any musical event and just letting go of everything except that moment” is what drives him, he said. “The feeling of the music pounding and your adrenaline pumping is the ultimate rush!”

Locked and loaded, Rage’s sound barrage hits Ginza Nightclub on Friday, June 14, where he will headline a birthday bash in his honor.

Rage was essentially thrust into the EDM scene as part of established promoter Wonderland Entertainment Group’s stable of DJs. In little more than a year’s, the Kapolei High School graduate already has a handful of major parties under his belt. Despite the early success, he said he hasn’t let any of it get to his head or taken any opportunity for granted. There is no sugar-coating the fact there is much more he can learn and an infinite number of future party landscapes to conquer.

“Two years ago I was sitting at home watching all these other DJs smashing all the rave events wishing I could be up on stage,” he said. “I just worked hard and I continue to work hard everyday. I’m not going to stop anytime soon.

“I most likely wouldn’t be where I am at today if EDM didn’t blow up out of the water like its been doing lately. I’ve been into this music since I was little and back then no one used to like it. Now I can share the music I love with a lot of other people,” said Rage.

One track at a time, set after set, he continues his ascension up the DJ food chain, continuing his assault on Honolulu dance floors with a “rage first” mentality. Rage realizes the local DJ scene can eat you up and spit you out if you let it, but he’ll continue to enjoy the ride and soak up the good times in the process.

“I’m not going to stop until I’m satisfied, and I’m never satisfied,” he said.
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