Food La La: Nutty for McNuggets

Jul. 3, 2013 | 1 Comment


BY LINDSEY MURAOKA / Special to the Star-Advertiser

A couple of months ago my friends and I participated in a crazy potato party at McDonald’s with more than a dozen orders of French fries after hearing about a fad in Japan. You can see the blog I posted about it here. Well, we did it again, but this time with Chicken McNuggets!

We held our party during lunch at the McDonald’s on Beretania on Friday, June 28. It was pretty busy so we had tons of people staring at us in amusement. (I had a friend asked me the other day if our crazy food parties are sponsored by McDonald’s. The answer is no, they are not.)

Growing up, my favorite thing — and the only thing that I would eat from McDonald’s — was a four-piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal with Sweet n’ Sour sauce and fruit punch. My inner child was very excited for this party.


This is what 260 pieces of Chicken McNuggets looks like, in case you were ever wondering. Actually that’s a lie – this is what 259 pieces looks like. My friend Gene Park stole one seconds before I snapped this picture.


I think my friend Toby Tamaye is the only person I know who loves Chicken McNuggets so much. He used to bring them to our weekly karaoke parties. (By the way, Chicken McNuggets go really great with lemon soju.) At this party, Toby had a goal of eating 45 McNuggets in one sitting.

Unfortunately, he failed – but it was still hilarious to watch him make the attempt.


Did you know Chicken McNuggets come in four different shapes? My favorites are the “boot” pieces, because you can hold the ends of them like a handle for easy sauce dipping.

There was really no point in this party except that it made for some awesome pictures and a very fun time on a Friday afternoon. My friend Lily Harumi took the leftovers home for her family to enjoy.
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  • Betty

    Lindsey, what you and gang plan to with the leftover? Make Korean fried chicken nuggets with hot sauce?