Hawaii resident featured on ‘Perm Week’

Jul. 19, 2013 | 1 Comment

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It’s “Perm Week” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” — celebrating “the almighty curly hairdo” — and two men from Hawaii shared the spotlight with the comedian on Thursday night, July 18.

Michael Downes before, left, and after his "Perm Week" transformation. (Courtesy NBC)

Michael Downes before, left, and after his “Perm Week” transformation. (Courtesy NBC)

Audience member Michael Downes, 25, from Kailua, agreed to get his hair permed, with friend Wesley Scanlon, also 25 and from Kailua, tapped to react to the big reveal.

Downes said he was in line last week to attend a broadcast of the NBC show when one of the producers approached him about being on “Perm Week” because “his hair was long enough for a perm.”

(They were also looking for people who could flare their nostrils in unusual ways for a segment scheduled for next week.)

During a four-minute taped segment, Downes, a Punahou grad who now lives in Brooklyn, was seen getting his hair cut and undergoing a perm treatment.

He was not allowed to see the results until he was brought on stage by the host during the live portion of the NBC show. With a large “before” photo hanging overhead, Downes emerged from behind a curtain to show off his incredibly tight, bounce-free perm.

Scanlon, wearing a Hawaii T-shirt, doubled over with laughter at seeing his buddy’s new ’do. (Fans of JJ Dolan’s may recall Scanlon as a former pizza maker at the downtown bar and restaurant. He attended the film program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and works in TV and film production.)

When a mirror was brought out for Downes to finally see his new coif, he mouthed the words “What the …” and laughed. Then at Fallon’s urging, he danced around to see if he could get his perm to bounce.

Compared to the other perms given during the week, it’s not a bad look. In fact, Downes said he plans to keep the style for a while.

“I kinda like it,” he said. “Afterwards I washed all the gel off and it went crazy. Now I kinda have an afro.

“I’ll let it grow until the roots are straight and then I’ll shave it all off.”

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  • bobitchin

    Fallon is usually right on, but this bit fell flat