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BY CHRISTA WITTMIER / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Summer took a bit of a dive with the gloomy weather this week, but I am happy to report music is alive and well — especially in the summer mix department.

Those of you who are fans of Soundcloud might already know this, but as a 9-to-5er, I am a huge fan of mixtapes. They soothe my commute to Waipio every day, they cheer me on while I’m on the elliptical and they are the soundtrack to all the hours I spend at my desk.

Been there, danced to that, got the shirt!!  Flying Coffin x DELVE Collaboration 2013 (Courtesy photo)

Been there, danced to that, got the shirt! Flying Coffin x DJ Delve Collaboration 2013. (Courtesy photo)

Right now I can’t get enough of this DJ Delve mix he made for a recent collaboration with Flying Coffin.

Like Delve, Flying Coffin founder Jason Gomez has a keen eye for great design and has translated that into his brand for the last seven years. The result is a very loyal worldwide fanbase and regular appearances on all of the big streetwear blogs with each new season. Based in Seattle, it’s projects like this one with Delve that keep Gomez, a native of Honolulu, very much rooted.

Currently on the website is a collaboration with The Hundreds that includes a fierce pair of oxfords with matte black metal detail and spikes on the heels, but scroll down in the shop for a selection of tees and tanks depicting one of Hawaiii’s most versatile performing DJs in our scene.

Delve, aka Chris Kam, is a veteran in the scene as part of Architechs Hawaii and also responsible for tons of the best nights out I’ve ever had. Catch him closing Manifest to a room full of people cheering with each track he throws at them and you’ll know exactly what I mean. He continues to flourish with residencies at M Nightclub every Friday and Manifest on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

With this latest mix, he has yet again displayed the art of brilliant track selection. More than 50 tracks are mixed live in one take!

My favorite image of Delve ever. (Courtesy Oz Go)

Since music has been evolving into so many edits, re-works, and remixes I’m not mad at hearing Gwen McCrae scream at me that her feelings for me have always been real in the original “All This Love I’m Giving” into one of the most amazing covers of LCD Soundsystem I have ever heard. He has effectively shown that while some originals shouldn’t be touched, there is so much that can be done to make the great even greater.

Listening to this mix is like catching Delve during my favorite time to catch him — opening a room before anyone really gets there. He knows how to bang a club (which is obvious every Friday at M), but it’s this impeccable ear he has that stretches across so many genres and continues to set him apart.

Give it a listen! If the bright, “summer time, all the time” upbeat electro of Viceroy, or the smooth crooning amazingess that is WoodysProduce covering Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” doesn’t brighten your day, then I promise I will never recommend you listen to anything again ever.

SPEAKING OF crooning, tonight, July 31, Richard Cheese is back in Hawaii to perform at The Republik. His loungey covers of popular music roared through the “SKYLiNE” era quite regularly, but it was his support for my website during those days that really made me a fan. The fact he even took the time to keep up with life in Honolulu when he was still a big deal Vegas performer left a huge impression with me.

Funny guy Richard Cheese performs every song we know Wednesday night at The Republik (Courtesy of Jaymi Britten)

Funny guy Richard Cheese performs every song we know July 31 at The Republik. (Courtesy Jaymi Britten)

As the only person to ever “guest blog” on my website when we crossed paths in the airport back in 2007, it’s his sense of humor that shines the most. The guy is freaking hilarious. This show will have a trifecta of everything I love about concerts: music, comedy and knowing every word to every song. That’s seriously the best!

Growing up in the gloomy Pacific Northwest, I learned how to make the most out of a rainy day. I know I might sound a bit too happy-happy-joy-joy, but trust me, it’s all these little things that add up to overall happiness.

Music, laughter, and a nice cold cocktail will do just fine until the sun comes back.
Christa Wittmier has chronicled Honolulu nightlife since 2004. She is senior marketing director at Young’s Market Co. of Hawaii and executive director of music for POW! WOW! Hawaii, and also helps promote the popular “Bacardi Pool Party” on Oahu. Contact her via e-mail or follow her on Twitter.

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