O’Loughlin excited about life after ‘Five-0’

Oct. 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

BY RYAN PEARSON / Associated Press

Los Angeles » Alex O’Loughlin said he’s signed up for two more seasons of “Hawaii Five-0” but is looking forward to a career beyond the hit TV series.

Alex O'Loughlin answers questions on the red carpet before the "Hawaii Five-0" season four premiere at "Sunset on the Beach" last month. (Star-Advertiser File)

Alex O’Loughlin answers questions on the red carpet before the “Hawaii Five-0″ season four premiere at “Sunset on the Beach” last month. (Star-Advertiser File)

The 38-year-old actor plays policeman Steve McGarrett on the CBS series, now in its fourth season. He said the intense workload and shooting schedule had kept him out of other potential projects.

“Like I read Doug Liman’s script, ‘Everest,’ which he’s about to start directing — it’s amazing and it’s invigorating. But it’s also heartbreaking at the same time because it feels so far away from me at the moment,” O’Loughlin said at the Australians in Film awards dinner on Thursday, Oct. 24. “I’ve never played one character for this long. And it’s network TV, too, so it comes with its own set of challenges from the artist’s perspective. But I’m very lucky. My kids will get to go to good schools, we all eat organic food, and I live in Hawaii.”

The actor noted that the show — a reimagining of the 1970s series starring Jack Lord — had overcome a number of hurdles to remain consistently highly rated.

“I mean, we’ve had cast troubles. I got really hurt and had to go and sort myself out in the second season. We’ve had injuries, we’ve had all sorts of things. It just keeps going,” he said. “We can’t seem to kill it. So I guess it’s going to stick around for a while.”

As for how long he’ll stick around: “At the moment I can’t imagine working any longer than tomorrow. Because there’s just so much work. But we’ll see, we’ll see. I want to do other things sooner rather than later.”

  • KAD1228

    I love Alex. I’ve been following him since Moonlight and have seen everything he’s been in. He’s way too good of an actor to be stereotyped as Steve McGarrett for the rest of his career. The longer the show is on the longer it will take him to undo that image. He needs to spread his wings so the world can see what he’s truly capable of doing. What we already know. Don’t get me wrong, I love H50 and for purely selfish reasons want it to be on forever. But I love Alex more and completely understand his wanting to do other things sooner rather than later. I hope his day comes soon.