Food La La: ‘Taste of Soju and Makoli’

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With Jacie Katsuda and Avy Chan.

BY LINDSEY MURAOKA / Special to the Star-Advertiser

On Tuesday night, Dec. 10, I attended “Taste of Soju and Makoli” hosted by the Hawaii Korean Chamber of Commerce at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii. Tickets were $35 and worth the price with the unlimited food and drinks served. There was also entertainment, karaoke, prize giveaways and a fundraiser for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.


My favorite alcoholic beverage happens to be Makoli, so that’s all I drank. I like that it’s light, slightly sweet, has low alcohol content (between 6 and 8% ABV) and tastes similar to nigori sake.


There were various different types of mixed soju drinks to choose from, including ones mixed with Sprite, Melona, Milkiss and Pass-O-Guava.



Councilman Stanley Chang was in attendance and gave a short speech thanking guests for donating to the Philippines, as well as sharing his enthusiasm for Korean beverages.


The food was buffet style with a mix of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food.



Won ton.

Won ton

Char siu noodles.

Char siu noodles

Of course, no Korean party can be complete without kimchi. I liked the spicy pepper kimchi because it went great with the Makoli.


Assortment of sushi

Teriyaki chicken sticks.

Teriyaki chicken sticks

Some of my friends thought it was weird there was a vegetable platter, but Koreans actually like eating vegetables and fruits while drinking.


There was a variety of Korean rice cakes for dessert.




This one was my favorite because it’s really soft and filled with honey.


My friends Gene Park and Sofia Kim. Sofia is a DJ on my favorite radio station, KORL 107.5, which plays Korean music!


These are the prizes my friends Jinjoo Park, Avy Chan and I won that night. We each got a free bottle of Makoli for singing karaoke. Now we can have our own Korean party this weekend!

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