Island Mele: ‘Sound Wave’ by Makua Rothman

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‘Sound Wave’

Makua Rothman (Mountain Apple Company)

Makua Rothman’s long-awaited full-length album follows a download-only release or two and establishes him as serious mainstream recording artist. It also shows that he has what it takes to become a nationally known artist.

makua rothmanRothman not only sings and accompanies himself on ukulele, he is also a song writer. He co-wrote all but one of the songs. Serveral have mainstream pop market appeal.

Take “Nite B 4,” which describes the aftermath of what must have been one heck of a night out.

“Who parked that car out on the lawn?” Rothman wonders while “still drunk from the night before.” Countless songs have been written about the impact alcohol can have on a night out, and its a situation people in all 50 states and D.C. can relate to. “Nite B 4” is up there with the best of them.

Rothman has another potential mainstream pop hit with “Under The Covers.” This one is a exuberant love song. Good love songs never go out of style.

Rothman’s local roots are heard in songs that have the Jamaican-style rhythms popular in Hawaii. He chose to open the album with one of them — ”Lovely” is an earnest declaration of love delivered with a strong reggae beat, some faux-Jamaican rapping and a refreshing sprinkling of Hawaiian lyrics as well.

He speaks for many Hawaii residents with another of his Jawaiian songs, “Lost in Translation,” describing the drudgery of “leaving (Hawaii) on a redeye” and the joy of coming home.

The one song Rothman didn’t write is a Hawaiian standard, “‘Ulili E.” Unfortunately no information about the song or Rothman’s reason for including it is provided in the liner notes.
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