Outtakes Online: Borth to leave ‘Five-0′

Mar. 28, 2014 | 3 Comments

Michelle Borth. (Star-Advertiser photo by Dennis Oda)

Michelle Borth. (Star-Advertiser File)

BY MIKE GORDON / mgordon@staradvertiser.com

Characters, even series regulars, come and go all the time on “Hawaii Five-0,” so news of Michelle Borth’s departure after the current season shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

Borth plays Catherine Rollins, the love interest for lead character Steve McGarrett. She’s been on the show since the first season and was promoted to series regular in the third season.

TV gossip bloggers trumpeted the news Thursday and fans debated reasons behind her leaving all day on Twitter. CBS officially confirmed it Friday, but did not say why.

Fans even got snippy with “Five-0” Executive Producer Peter Lenkov. Because Borth argued with some fans last season via Twitter, some fans felt they had argued loud enough to get her booted from the show.

Lenkov rejected that on Twitter Friday, telling one fan who said he did not have, ahem, big enough stones:

The storyline was built two years ago, Lenkov tweeted.

But Lenkov also vowed — again, via Twitter — that “Cath doesn’t die. I promise.”

Five more episodes remain in the current season, which ends on May 9. CBS already announced that it has renewed the show for a fifth season.
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  • JG/JDorJ2

    That’s not exactly what happened, but I can understand why turn it down a notch…

  • critiq

    oh rats….she’s pretty!

  • alex fan

    I love how you report the facts and still manage to be respectful, which in the H50 fandom is a rarity. I love reading your columns, keep up the good work. :)