Truth from Dare: 2014 keeps flying by

Mar. 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

BY DERIN DEREGO / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Time goes by faster as you get older. It’s true.

I thought last year flew by, but 2014 seems on track to surpass the blip that was 2013. That’s why I was dumbfounded when someone reminded me about Mardi Gras. I couldn’t believe it was that time of year already.

Lupita Nyong'o, left, dances along with Pharrell Williams during his performance of "Happy" at the Oscars on Sunday. (Associated Press)

Lupita Nyong’o, left, dances along with Pharrell Williams during his performance of “Happy” at the Oscars on Sunday. (Associated Press)

Due to its proximity to the Oscars and my recovery from the festivities surrounding them, I opted to skip a lot of the big Mardi Gras events this year. As for the Oscars, I thought the telecast was quite entertaining — even if it was a little predictable. My favorite parts were Pharell Willams’ performance of “Happy” and Jared Leto’s acceptance speech for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

As Hollywood celebrated its biggest night, I found myself thinking about the people celebrities surround themselves with. Most celebrities are attention-seeking, spoiled, demanding egomaniacs. So it’s only natural their teams are going to be made up of people who worship them and wouldn’t dare contradict them.

The danger with surrounding yourself with these “yes people” is that decisions made are applauded whether or not they are good or bad. After all, these are the people who made Justin Bieber think it was okay to egg his neighbor’s house, or let Lindsay Lohan think it was acceptable to race down Sunset Boulevard while intoxicated. True, the celebs themselves are ultimately responsible for their behavior, but surrounding yourself with these people severely blurs the line between right and wrong.

Even if you’re not a celebrity, it’s a good idea to keep a core group of friends who you know are there for you. You’d be surprised how many blatant users and social climbers are out there — even in the Aloha State. (If you’re going to be that tacky, at least set your sights higher and become a reality show gold-digger.)

I’ll have my core group of friends in tow when I make my way out and about this weekend. It’s back to Chinatown for First Friday, and I hope that since Mardis Gras was on Tuesday the crowds will be a little smaller. My plan is to post up at the new eleven44 (formerly known as theVenue), and if you haven’t been yet, I encourage you to check it out. Now a posh lounge and entertainment space, hopefully it will fill the upscale void left by thirtyninehotel’s recent closing.

Whatever you do, take along some good friends and make sure to get out. This year is flying by and before you know it, summer will be upon us.
When he’s not out and about at the hottest parties and other events in Honolulu, Derin “Dare” Derego works as an account executive at a local radio station group. Reach him via email at or follow him on Twitter.

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