2014 Hoku Awards nominees announced

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BY JOHN BERGER / jberger@staradvertiser.com

Mark Yamanaka, an A-list Hawaiian artist since his solo debut album, “Lei Pua Kenikeni,” won Album of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year in 2011, is this year’s front-runner with a pace-setting 10 nominations in 10 categories as the Academy of Recording Arts (HARA) announces the finalists in 32 categories for the 2014 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.

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Presented by the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts

» Where: Kalakaua Ballroom, Hawai‘i Convention Center, 1801 Kalakaua Ave.
» When: 5 p.m. May 24
» Info: (808) 593-9424, nahokuhanohano.org
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Kupaoa, the duo of Kellen Paik and Kalikolihau Hannahs Paik, is a close second with nine nominations in nice categories; Kalikolihau Paik is also a finalist in two categories for composers, Song of the Year and Haku Mele, for “Lei Maile,” a first-time recorded song co-written with Yamanaka.

Kuana Torres Kahele is third with eight nominations in eight categories. Waipuna – the trio of Kale Hannahs, Matthew Kawaiola Sproat and David Kamakahi — is a finalist in seven categories.

Kahele and Yamanaka both finalists for Male Vocalist of the Year. The other finalists in that category are Ikaika Blackburn, Robert Cazimero and Kamaka Kukona. Kupaoa and Waipuna are joined by The Green, KuMZ and Na Leo as finalists for Group of the Year.

Blackburn, Kahele, Kupaoa and Yamanaka are also finalists for Album of the Year.

Win or lose, this is a big year for Kukona; it isn’t often that a new artist reaches one of the four biggest categories with their debut album. The evolution of HARA in becoming more open to locally recording music of all types, rather than favoring traditional Hawaiian music only, is seen in The Green being on the final ballot in a major category. Membership resistance to Jawaiian music in the 1990s resulted in a genre category for reggae not being created until 1999; based on the amount of Jawaiian music that was being released in the ‘90s a reggae category could have been added as early as 1992.

The big change this year is the addition of a category for Alternative, separate from the existing category for Rock.

The winners will be announced at the 37th annual Na Hoku Hanohano Awards on Saturday, May 24, at the Hawai‘i Convention Center.

HARA membership will determine the winners in 28 categories. The winner of Favorite Entertainer is determined by public vote. Winners in the two Hawaiian language categories (Haku Mele and Hawaiian Language Performance) are selected by a panel of specialists in Hawaiian song writing. The winner in the Engineering category is selected by a panel of mainland studio engineers who do not work in the local recording industry.

The winner in the International Recognition Album category is also adjudicated. The criteria used in adjudicating that category and the qualifications of the adjudicators have not been made public.
John Berger has been a mainstay in the local entertainment scene for more than 40 years. Contact him via email at jberger@staradvertiser.com.


Female Vocalist of the Year

1. Anuhea, “Butterflies – Live”
2. Hulu Lindsey, “A He Leo Wale Nō E”
3. Robi Kahakalau, “Robi Calling”
4. Mailani, “Manawa”
5. Nāpua, “Lei Kulāia”

Male Vocalist of the Year

1. Ikaika Blackburn, “Maliu”
2. Robert Cazimero, ‘Hula 2″
3. Kamaka Kukona, “Hanu ‘A‘ala”
4. Kuana Torres Kahele, “Kāhele”
5. Mark Yamanaka, “Lei Maile”

Group of the Year

1. The Green, “Hawai‘i ‘13″
2. Kumz, “You Should Know By Now”
3. Kūpaoa, “Bumbye”
4. Na Leo, “Romantic Waikiki”
5. Waipuna, “Nāpili”

Most Promising Artist(s) of the Year

1. Kanani Enos, “Aloha I Ho‘okena”
2. Kaiholu, “Swaying Sea”
3. Kimie, “To The Sea”
4. Kamaka Kukona, “Hanu ‘A‘ala”
5. Yoza, “Yoza”

Favorite Entertainer of the Year

1. Ikaika Blackburn
2. Robert Cazimero
3. The Green
4. Kupaoa
5. Hulu Linsey
7. Sean Na’auao
8. Kuana Torres Kahele
9. Waipuna
10. Mark Yamanaka

Album of the Year

1. “A He Leo Wale No E,” Hulu Lindsey (Producers: Dave Tucciarone, Kamakoa Lindsey-Asing, and Hulu Lindsey)
2. “Bumbye,” Kūpaoa (Producers: Kellen Paik and Kale Chang)
3. “Kahele,” Kuana Torres Kahele (Producer: Kuana Torres Kahele)
4. “Lei Maile,” Mark Yamanaka (Producers: Kale Chang, Mark Yamanaka, Kellen Paik, and Kalikolihau Hannahs Paik)
5. “Maliu,” Ikaika Blackburn (Producers: Dave Tucciarone and Ikaika Blackburn)

EP (“Extended Play”) of the Year

1. “D-Tour,” John Keawe
2. “I Know You by Heart,” Kūpaoa
3. “Live Up!,” J Boog
4. “Napili,” Waipuna
5. “To the Sea,” Kimie

Single of the Year

1. “Aloha e Kohala,” Waipuna
2. “E Ku’ulei, My Love,” Kuana Torres Kahele and Maila Gibson
3. “I am a Queen,” Lilo De Lima of Kapena
4. “Lei ‘o Ma’ili / Dance With Me,” Kūpaoa
5. “Maui Under Moonlight,” Mark Yamanaka

Song of the Year

1. “Bumbye” by Puakea Nogelmeier
2. “E Ku‘u Lei, My Love” by Kuana Torres Kahele
3. “He Aloha No “O Palauea” by Bruce Kukini Suwa
4. “Kawena” by Chino Montero
5. “Lei Maile” by Kalikolihau Hannahs Paik and Mark Yamanaka

Instrumental Composition

1. “Mokuleia,” by Ian OʻSullivan
2. “Nāpili Bay,” by David Kamakahi and Herb Ohta, Jr.
3. “Pūnāwai,” by Jeff Peterson
4. “Ray of Light,” by Pali Ka‘aihue
5. “Slackmenco,” by Makana and Jeff Peterson

Alternative Album of the Year

1. “Dateless in July,” Paradox Lockdown
2. “Just Dream,” Amanda Frazier
3. “Nickel and Dimin’ It,” LifeinPursuit
4. “Vintage,” Jade Summers

Anthology Album of the Year

1. “Carmen Takes the Lead,” Carmen U‘ilani Haugen (Producer: Keith Haugen)
2. “Eia,” Natalie Ai Kamauu (Producers: Dave Tucciarone, Iolani Kamauu, and Natalie Ai Kamauu)
3. “Old Friends, New Friends,” Dennis and Christy Soares (Producer: Dennis Soares)
4. “‘Umi: A Pass Out Records Anthology,” Various Artists (Producers: Eric Lagrimas, Abe Lagimas Jr. and Randy Wong)

Christmas Album of the Year

1. “Christmas in Hawaii,” Dennis and Christy Soares
2. “I Wish Christmas Was Everyday,” Henry Kapono
3. “Lei Kulāia,” Nāpua
4. “Merry Ukulele Christmas,” Kalei Gamiao
5. “My Island Christmas,” Mailani

Compilation Album of the Year

1. “Crossings,” Various Artists (Producer: Dennis Soares)
2. “The Haumana Soundtrack,” Various Artists (Producers: Shawn Pimental and Keo Woolford)
3. “HISessions Live, Vol. 1,” Various Artists (Producers: Jon Yamasato and Darin Leong)
4. “The Kanai’iolowalu Songbook,” Various Artists (Producers: Brickwood Galuteria and Kenneth Makuakāne)
5. “Love Your Mother,” Various Artists (Producers: Brandon Apeles and Michelle Aquino)

Contemporary Album of the Year

1. “Butterflies — Live,” Anuhea
2. “Cast Your Cares,” Kapena De Lima
3. “Live Aloha,” Mānoa DNA
4. “Ripe,” Makana
5. “Robi Calling,” Robi Kahakalau

Hawaiian Music Album of the Year

1. “A He Leo Wale No E,” Hulu Lindsey
2. “Hula 2,” Robert Cazimero
3. “Kahele,” Kuana Torres Kahele
4. “Lei Maile,” Mark Yamanaka
5. “Na’auao,” Sean Na‘auao

Hip-Hop Album of the Year

1. “The Akira Project,” The Akira Project
2. “Listen & Share,” Kwalified
3. “T.M.T.T.H. – Too Much Talent to Hide,” Jazi
4. “Viddy the Horror Show,” The Horror Show
5. “Wait on Me,” King Kekai

Instrumental Album of the Year

1. “Born and Raised – New Music for Solo Guitar,” Ian O’Sullivan
2. “He Makana O Na Mele,” Hawaii Youth Symphony
3. “Stainless – Steel Guitar Stylings of Greg Sardinha,” Greg Sardinha
4. “Walking the Patch,” Dennis Soares

Island Music Album of the Year

1. “Bumbye,” Kūpaoa
2. “Mamo,” Mamo
3. “Manawa,” Mailani
4. “Romantic Waikiki,” Nā Leo
5. “Tuahine,” Hapa

Jazz Album of the Year

1. “A Hui Hou – Untile We Meet Again,” Hula Honeys
2. “Step Into My Life,” Henry Allen Band with Wayne Hernderson
3. “Swanky,” Patrick von Wiegandt

Music Video/DVD

1. “Grand Ukulele — Live in Boulder,” Jake Shimabukuro
2. “Habitually Late,” VIVO
3. “Let’s Play Music,” Various Artists (Producers: Na‘alehu Anthony and Cyril Pahinui)

R&B Album of the Year

1. “Born and Raised II — The Rebirth,” Fiji
2. “Lightning,” Larry Dupio
3. “Yoza,” YOZA

Reggae Album of the Year

1. “Carry On,” Conscious Roots
2. “Hawai’i ’13,” The Green
3. “Perseverance,” Ekolu

Religious Album of the Year

1. “Brand New Day,” Sherry V. Graham
2. “For the World to See,” Mo Scanlan
3. “Hope is Alive,” New Hope Oahu with Pastor Wayne Cordeiro
4. “Lord of All Seasons,” Carolyn Vargas

Rock Album of the Year

1. “Dangerous Crossing,” Stuart Hollinger
2. “Kilroy Was Here,” 11th Hour
3. “Mile25,” Mile25
4. “Peaceful Solutions,” Man On a String
5. “Tiki Tonic,” Tiki Taboo

Slack-Key Album of the Year

1. “Aikane Kuikawa,” Paul Togioka
2. “Huanani,” Ben Ka‘ili
3. “Ke Au Hou,” Danny Carvalho
4. “Slack Key Travels,” Jeff Peterson
5. “Soul Sound Slack,” Stephen Inglis

‘Ukulele Album of the Year

1. “All In,” Pali Ka‘aihue
2. “The Beginning,” Andrew Molina
3. “Fables,” Corey Fujimoto
4. “Pure ‘Ukulele,” Herb Ohta, Jr.

Graphics Award

1. Kamokila de Mello for “Soundwave,” Makua Rothman
2. Daryl Fujiwara for “Hanu ‘A’ala,” Kamaka Kukona
3. Layne Matsusaki for “Lei Maile,” Mark Yamanaka
4. Jason Oshiro for “Simple Session,” Simple Session
5. Keith Usher and Kamokila de Mello for “Na’auao,” Sean Naʻauao

Liner Notes Award

1. Kale Chang and Kalikolihau Hannahs for “Lei Maile,” Mark Yamanaka
2. Kamaka Kukona for “Hanu ‘A’ala,” Kamaka Kukona
3. Chelle Pahinui for “Kani Pu Kolu,” Cyril Pahinui
4. Kuana Torres Kahele for “Kahele,” Kuana Torres Kahele
5. Neil J. Hannahs for “Napili,” Waipuna

Haku Mele (Composer’s Award)

1. “‘Ano ʻAi E Hilo,” by Ka’ena’aloha Hopkins
2. “Bumbye,” by Puakea Nogelmeier
3. “Kūnihi KaʻAla,” by Mehanaokala Hind
4. “Lei Maile,” by Kalikolihau Paik and Mark Yamanaka
5. “Nanina,” by Kuana Torres Kahele

Hawaiian Language Performance (Artist’s Award)

1. Robert Cazimero, “Hula 2″
2. Kamaka Kukona, “Hanu ‘A’ala”
3. Kupaoa, “Bumbye”
4. Waipuna, Napili
5. Mark Yamanaka, “Lei Maile”

Engineering Award

1. Kapena De Lima, “Paradise” by Roman
2. Imua Garza, “The World to See” by Mo Scanlan
3. Dave Tucciarone, “Manawa” by Mailani
4. Dave Tucciarone and Lawrence Yurong, “On a Personal Note” by Kristian Lei
5. Lawrence Yurong, “Na’auao” by Sean Na’auao

International Recognition Album of the Year

1. “Born of Song,” Ian Shiroma
2. “J,” Seiji Katz
3. “Ko’olua,” Koʻolua
4. “Moe’uhane,” Hoene
5. “Noe,” Yuri Chika

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