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Apr. 20, 2014 | 0 Comments
Photo by Christie Sato

(Courtesy Christie Sato)

Koko Head Cafe has been open for about a month and quickly turned into a hot spot for brunch. I see pictures of chef Lee Anne Wong’s creative and drool-worthy dishes in my social media feeds daily and people rave about how great the food is, so I had to go check this place out.

I’m not usually a big breakfast eater and was still quite sleepy the day I visited (I’m a night owl), so I decided to start off brunch with a bang and order a Mary Mary ($11), Koko Head Cafe’s version of a Bloody Mary with Ho Farms tomato and a zing of wasabi yuzu. This drink had enough spice to wake me out of my groggy state.

mary mary

My friends and I tried all three of the baked goods on the menu but the Kimchi Bacon Cheddar Scone ($5) is what stood out the most. It was flaky with crispy bits of cheese and just the right amount of pungent, spicy kimchi flavor.

kimchi scone

(Courtesy Avy Chan)

The Breakfast Bruschetta ($6) was refreshingly sweet and made with local fruit, macadamia nut yogurt and Japanese rusk.


(Courtesy Avy Chan)

I love how Chef Wong is able to transform everyday breakfast dishes into something new, like the delightfully crispy Cornflake French Toast ($14) with sweet bacon, creamy black pepper maple syrup and Frosted Flakes gelato.

french toast

Out of all the dishes I tried, the pancakes ($12) were the only disappointing dish. Maybe it was an off day, but they weren’t very fluffy or as soft as I would’ve liked.


However, the dumplings of the day were amazing! They were soft, delicate and filled with pieces of pork and cabbage, and topped with a tangy Szechuan tahini sauce.


The Breakfast Bibimbap ($15) was as beautiful and delicious as it looked. I liked that all the vegetables were flavored separately, like the shoyu–mirin flavored shiitake mushrooms. I only wish the rice was crispier like the way it’s served at Korean restaurants.


My favorite dish was the Ohayou Eggs ($15), baked eggs with heritage ham and mushrooms in a super creamy parmesan dashi bonito sauce. The sauce was so addicting I couldn’t stop eating it even though I was beyond full. I poured it all over the kimchi bacon scone — and bibimbap, too!


Overall, the food and service at Koko Head Cafe was fantastic. I can’t wait to go back to try more dishes and eat those Ohayou Eggs again!

Koko Head Cafe is located at 1145-C 12th Ave. and is open daily from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Visit

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