Truth from Dare: Flying the coop

Apr. 10, 2014 | 1 Comment

BY DERIN DEREGO / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Is it just me, or is everyone flying the coop that is Honolulu lately? Over the past few months I’ve seen a half a dozen people leave the rock and head to the continent.

Hawaii's first H&M store opened in Waikiki last month. (Courtesy photo)

Hawaii’s first H&M store opened in Waikiki last month. (Courtesy photo)

I can’t say I blame them. After several years of being back in Hawaii, I’m starting to get the fever. For now, however, I think a couple trips to foreign lands will tame the itch. Besides, there’s been so many exciting things happening here that it’s been hard to get bored.

There was the opening of Hawaii’s first H&M store in Waikiki a few weeks ago, the rebranding of bambuTwo and theVenue as a singular upscale space called eleven44 and the opening of Fresh Cafe Downtown in the former Indigo space.

There are also a lot of non-traditional productions and events making pit stops in Honolulu. One such event is “C!RCA,” a contemporary circus from Australlia that’s more dance than freak show and combines aerial displays with acrobatics and tumbling (think Cirque Du Soleil meets Julliard).

The troupe will put on three shows this weekend, including a Sunday matinee in case you don’t want to gamble your Friday or Saturday night out on something new. As for myself, I’ll be taking in the first show on Friday evening.

On Saturday, hit up GO! at Nextdoor in Chinatown for an evening of live hip-hop and a fashion show by KJkinis. The show starts at 9 p.m., so there’ll be plenty of time to club hop after it’s a wrap (no pun intended).

Despite the fact that I’ve had a couple of people leave the party that is my life lately, there’s obviously still a lot going on in Honolulu. But that doesn’t change the fact that I need to go on a trip soon. Any suggestions?
When he’s not out and about at the hottest parties and other events in Honolulu, Derin “Dare” Derego works as an account executive at a local radio station group. Reach him via email at or follow him on Twitter.

  • ElizabethKieszkowski

    I’m going to suggest Asia or South America, Derin – just because the flights aren’t as long as they are to Europe!