Food La La: Grey Goose Le Melon launch

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Manny Hinojosa from Grey Goose Vodka.


Grey Goose brand ambassador Manny Hinojosa.

BY LINDSEY MURAOKA / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Grey Goose recently released a new flavored vodka, Grey Goose Le Melon, made with the exquisite Cavaillon melons of France. I attended a tasting on April 29 hosted by Young’s Market at Bevy in Kakaako to learn more about the new flavor with brand ambassador Manny Hinojosa. We also got to try a few Grey Goose Le Melon cocktails made by mixologist Joey Gottesman.

First, we first tried the Le Melon vodka neat (by itself) before drinking the cocktails. The Le Melon vodka is creamy, silky and you can definitely taste the Cavaillon melon. There is also a slight hint of citrus and honey.

Hinojosa spoke passionately about the new flavor and the French Cavaillon melons. The melons are picked only twice a year in July and August when the fruit is at its greatest flavor and texture. The perfect texture is a creamy orange color with hints of wildflower honey.

The first Le Melon drink was made with lemon juice, St Germain, Campari, prosecco and basil. It was light, refreshing and bubbly.


The second Le Melon cocktail was bright and spicy with lime juice, cucumber water and a Togarashi pepper rim.

Mixologist Joey Gottesman.



The food for the event was made by Bevy’s Chef Petra Lindeson and complimented nicely with the Le Melon cocktails. These are spiced Greek meatballs with a tangy dill sauce.


My favorite dish was the creamy melon and prosciutto salad with goat cheese.


These are Bevy’s famous oysters with papaya salsa that are only $1 each during their happy hour.


The third drink was my favorite because it was smooth, tasty and had the perfect amount of sweetness with cinnamon, Hibiscus puree, and a candied lemon garnish. It was like drinking a Hawaiian Christmas. I could’ve easily drank the entire thing but refrained since it was only 1:30 in the afternoon.


All I can say is that it turned out to be a very merry Tuesday!
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