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May. 28, 2014 | 1 Comment

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BY KALANI WILHELM / Special to the Star-Advertiser

DJ Dallas Debauch is a high intensity dude with revved-up intentions. Dropping beats at accelerated levels is an area he does particularly well in. Rarely will you hear his sets deviate too far from a heavily caffeinated variety of electro, drum ‘n’ bass and his guiltiest pleasure of all, UK hardcore.

“The second I step through the door to the club or event, that debauchery switch gets flipped,” he said. “Music will always be my escape.

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“You pretty much get to play with people’s emotion and mood for a night with the change of a song. Getting the chance to do that is one of the best feelings to have.”

Born in Hollywood, Debauch moved to Oahu with his family when he was 2. Working as a DJ the past 10 years has helped continue to feed his need to perform; before it was DJing, he took drama classes at Kalani High School and played in a punk and death metal band.

He credits a stretch from 2004 to 2006 when he would play to packed crowds during ’80s night at Waikiki’s Pink Cadillac as an invaluable learning experience.

“It always helps when you get just even one person to come and say, ‘That was a great set man, thank you for that.’ I’ve learned to just be patient and humble and definitely always keep it real.

“It takes a lot of time and hard work to keep getting farther into your career,” he said.

Debauch pointed out the energy of a crowd is essential to his success behind the decks. He said the crowd should never be taken for granted, as an uninspired audience or empty dance floor can have a negative effect.

“Of course, there are those rare occasions where it may be a dead night and after spending hours upon hours looking for bangin’ tracks, there is no one there to share it with, that can be pretty dissatisfying,” he said. “You kind of need that energy in the room.”

EDM’s move into the mainstream has brought change to the scene, said Debauch, who opened up for DJ S3RL at Nextdoor on Sunday. While the scene has evolved, the kinship he has with DJs who started when he did is strong.

“A lot of tracks are all starting to sound the same, so it’s kind of difficult sometimes to find tracks that have a different sound, ” he said. “I guess I like taking risks with tracks.

“That’s what is fun about it to me, it’s kind of like a game, just to see how beautiful the outcome will be.”
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  • http://www.soundcloud.com./mr-spot Brian Hornaday

    Dj Debauch is awesome! I used to go see him DJ when I lived on Oahu, and he always had people going nuts. Now all i can do is listen to his mixes on soundcloud.com but that is better than nothin.https://soundcloud.com/djdebauch