Truth from Dare: Friday night fun

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BY DERIN DEREGO / Special to the Star-Advertiser

You probably can’t tell with this 90-degree weather we’ve been having lately, but summer has flown the coop. Sure, the sun still sets well after 7 p.m., but on the social scene the season of sun and fun is over.

STAR-ADVERTISER / 2012Fashion show runways return to Ala Moana Center this weekend as part of the mall's Fall Fashion Event.


Fashion show runways return to Ala Moana Center this weekend as part of the mall’s Fall Fashion Event.

As fall descends upon us — and hopefully brings some cooler weather — one thing we can be thankful for is cooler clothes. Not in terms of temperature and comfort, but on the style front. Fall is king; turn on any entertainment news outlet and you’ll see fashion shows are in full swing.

Even in Hawaii the fashion conscious are doing their best to cultivate a season of style. This week Friday through Sunday, Ala Moana Center presents its Fall Fashion Event with the entire mall transforming into a virtual scavenger hunt of amazing accessories, spectacular sales and fashionable finds.

The highlight for me are the gazelle-like models stomping across a red carpet the entire length of the mall and cameos by local DJs blaring beats in various locations throughout the mall. Another bonus is the random serving of champagne at a number of stores throughout the weekend. It’s genius really. Nothing loosens up a pocketbook like some hooch.

Don’t let the fact that I say summer fun is over fool you. Fall is still full of things to do.

Following Friday’s fashion event at Ala Moana (don’t forget about Bally’s opening party), I’ll dash over to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel for the After School All Stars Gala fundraiser. I first heard about this amazing organization from a friend’s mother who sits on their board.

ASAS provides educational, creative, and physical activities for middle school students to keep them engaged, entertained and out of trouble. The gala will feature amazing eats, delectable cocktails and entertainment from the children and tweens in the program.

Following the fundraising fun, I’ll make my way to The Republik for fellow Pulse blogger Christa Wittmier’s “Sunny Daze” CD release party. If you haven’t heard the DJ known as SuperCW, come join me for a journey through a myriad of genres and feel-good beats. Just like her personality, you can’t put SuperCW’s DJ style into a box; it’s all over the place (in a good way!) that keeps your attention and thwarts boredom.

Finally on Friday, I’ll end my night at eleven44 with DJ Tennis. The eclectic music man has produced music for movie soundtracks, theatre productions and international artists. He’s also a fixture on the EDM festival scene.

As a fan of anything not the status quo I’m definitely planning to make it to this show no matter how exhausted I’ll be. Can you believe that’s just my Friday?
When he’s not out and about at the hottest parties and other events in Honolulu, Derin “Dare” Derego works as an account executive at a local radio station group. Reach him via email at or follow him on Twitter.

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