Truth from Dare: Oscar overkill

Feb. 26, 2015 | 1 Comment

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BY DERIN DEREGO / Special to the Star-Advertiser

By now you’re probably experiencing what I call Oscar overkill. We get it. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences toasted all the things they found great in film over the past year. But if you’re like me you find a dark delight in the tidbits that come out days after the live broadcast.


Lady Gaga sang a medley of songs from “The Sound of Music” during the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday.

Before I address my favorite post-Oscar semi-scandal let’s talk about the show itself. I’m not a fan of celebrities holding an awards show hostage to promote their political agendas so I’ll skip over all that. Personally I think when you have more than 15 minutes of fame you should be using that time to make the world a better place. Had it been “CNN Heroes” or another show that honors everyday people, I would be able to stomach social commentary. Love Meryl and J-Lo, but watching them championing equal pay for women was laughable.

My favorite moment from this year’s Academy Awards was Eddie Redmayne’s giddy acceptance speech. Genuine emotion is king when it comes to receiving and Redmayne didn’t hold back at all. I also adored Graham Moore’s acceptance speech. Anyone who has ever felt marginalized could relate, and though the “it gets better” campaign has dimmed, he did an awesome job of keeping the message alive.

If you haven’t heard the scandal that erupted after the show revolved around E! News host Guliana Rancic remarking that Disney actress Zendaya probably smelled like patchouli or weed because the star sported dreadlocks to the awards. After being called racist by many and a threat by Kelly Osbourne to quit the network, Rancic apologized.

What was most interesting about this year’s show was that despite the fact that it’s a show that celebrates Hollywood (and the number of A-listers in attendance), the live musical performances stole the show. Who knew Lady Gaga could belt out songs in that high an octave? And the “Glory” performance from John Legend and Common was so stirring that it made action-film actor Chris Pine tear up.

Speaking of live music, if you’re in Honolulu this weekend you’re in for an epic couple of days of concerts and musical treats.

The weekend kicks off Friday with ARTafterDARK at the Honolulu Museum of Arts. This month’s theme is “Sweet,” paying homage to all things decadent in case you didn’t get your Valentine’s Day fill. While I always look forward to this party, I’m especially stoked that Mike Love and Paula Fuga will be serenading the attendees from the main stage.


Jack Antonoff of Bleachers.

Here’s the thing when it comes to Art After Dark — become a member of the museum. It’s $25 for a year and gets you into to all AAD events (which have a $10 cover), plus you don’t wait in that crazy line that always looks unbearable.

Saturday, alternative it-band Bleachers plays The Republik. You may not recognize the name but I guarantee you know their hits “Get Better” and “Rollercoaster,” two of the most popular songs on alternative radio stations across the country. After you research them get your tickets quick because from what I hear the show is close to selling out.

Sundays aren’t usually a big concert night but this weekend is an exception. Rock gods Kings of Leon descend on the Blaisdell Arena for their first and only show in Honolulu in the past decade. I’ve been excited for this show since it was announced last fall. I can’t wait for these guys to claim best concert of 2015 so far.
When he’s not out and about at the hottest parties and other events in Honolulu, Derin “Dare” Derego works as an account executive at a local radio station group. Reach him via email at or follow him on Twitter.

  • cw

    yay bleachers!!!! they look so fun i’m excited for that show and to see the tigers opening (they are SOFA KING amazing). i love eddie so glad he got an oscar i fell in love with him the second he appeared on screen in the theory of everything.
    <3 u <3 your blogs, cw