Truth from Dare: Super Bowl a super surprise

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BY DERIN DEREGO / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Last week I wrote that I wasn’t a big football fan and that the actual Super Bowl would be more like background music for me. For the first half of the game this held true but after tuning in for the halftime show and staying close to the tube I was quickly sucked in. As the clock wound down I like most others was cringing, jumping, and cheering at what turned out to be one of the most exciting sporting events I have witnessed. Consider my left size-nine Diesel kick officially munched on.

Another thing that went down last week was the return of ARTafterDARK at the Honolulu Museum of Arts. I have to admit I was a little nervous at how the event was going to turn out being that it was the first one I co-chaired. January is usually light on the social scene and this year it felt slower than most. Luckily the event went great. The staff at the museum said it was the busiest January event ever and they signed up over 300 new members — the most at any ARTafterDARK. If you missed the festivities you’ll find pics here.

JOAH BULEY / SPECIAL TO THE STAR-ADVERTISERChitty Chitty Bang Bang returns to the Republik.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang returns to The Republik.

Hopefully two fun-filled events have jumpstarted the energy level on the party circuit because there’s a lot going down this weekend. On Thursday, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang returns to The Republik. This is one of my favorite monthlies as it blends a relaxed, just-out-for-fun vibe with some of the best dance music around. Because the ratio of women to men is usually 4-to-1 there’s not a lot of testosterone and drunkenness that can surface at venues predominantly filled with dudes. (No offense to the gentlemen out there.)

Friday marks the year’s second installment of First Friday in Chinatown. While organizers have decided not to close off Hotel Street for the foreseeable future, I think this month’s event will be well-attended. Last month’s was so close to New Year’s Eve, many people opted to skip it. It also didn’t help that we had torrential winds and rain that night. After bar-hopping around the area you might want to end up at eleven44 for Foundation. The monthly party is put on by a lot of the personalities from Asylum Afterhours, so if you’re not into late night debauchery this is your opportunity to get a taste of the party without the insomnia.

Hopefully I’ll get in at a decent hour as the Punahou Carnival returns this weekend and my plan is to hit it up around sunset on Saturday. The nostalgia of carnival eats and midway rides is something I only get to indulge in a couple times a year and not too many events bring back memories like this one. The trick is to go in between all the families in the day and the teenagers and new alumni at night.

Last week I also talked about my affection for daytime cocktails and one of the best parties to do this at is also going down on Saturday. The Lei-Over (Honolulu’s incarnation of the world famous Do Over day party) returns as part of the kick off events for POW! WOW! Hawaii; this year, the party takes place at Buho Cantina. If you haven’t been to Buho, definitely put it on your to-do list the next time you head to Waikiki. The Mexican rooftop restaurant and lounge is the perfect spot for daytime cocktails in the sun or getting a bite under the stars.

As you can see, I wasn’t exaggerating about the number of things going down this week. You can even cap your weekend off at the POW! WOW! Hawaii edition of the Grey Goose Dayclub at the Modern Honolulu’s Sunset Pool on Sunday.
When he’s not out and about at the hottest parties and other events in Honolulu, Derin “Dare” Derego works as an account executive at a local radio station group. Reach him via email at or follow him on Twitter.

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