Outtakes: ‘Five-0′ to return for sixth season

Apr. 17, 2015 | 13 Comments

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BY MIKE GORDON / mgordon@staradvertiser.com

CBS won’t say publicly if it has renewed “Hawaii Five-0” for a sixth season, but a key department head said he would be stunned if that didn’t happen.

COURTESY CBS"Hawaii Five-0" is expected to wrap up its fifth season of shooting in Honolulu later this week.


“Hawaii Five-0″ is expected to return for a sixth season, according to the person in charge of the show’s makeup department.

“There is no doubt in my mind that there will be a season six,” said Jeff Dawn, the Oscar winner who heads the makeup department and has been responsible for the show’s most amazing and gruesome special effects.

“But until CBS comes out with a statement making it official, it is not official.”

The network has repeatedly said it will not reveal the fate of the popular series until May 13, when CBS presents its fall lineup to potential advertisers.

“Five-0” wrapped up shooting its fifth season at the end of last week and will air the season’s final two episodes back-to-back on May 8.

Dawn, an industry veteran with 35 years of experience, shared his thoughts while waiting to catch a flight to his home in Oregon.

Dawn said the show’s department heads are planning on production resuming in July, as it has each previous season, by making budgets, talking about script details and scouting locations. There are other indications “Five-0” will return: They’ve left gear behind and held on to rental homes, he said.

“It doesn’t mean CBS can’t say no at the last minute,” Dawn said. “You were anticipating something you shouldn’t have. But everybody has been doing that, from producers to department heads to first assistant directors.

“Everybody is moving forward as if we were going to have a season six. We would all be incredibly shocked and surprised if we didn’t.”
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  • Nardia McPhee

    Take this this happened with the S2 announcement we knew it was going to happen but it took till the day after the S1 finale for the official announcement so my likely guess it will be this way. but yes I agree it is happening. It’s too good to be true it’s always rated in the top 20 every week in TV Guide why would you cancel it?

    • Babar Suhail

      Because the ratings are low.

      • Kevin Steigelman

        You have to look at it this way and adjust ratings. CBS doesn’t care about Friday night as most people are out and not watching TV. so a 1.1-1.2 for H50 is like a 1.4-1.5 on a regular night. Blue Bloods and H50 is destroying Friday nights. CBS wins on Friday nights and that is really saying something for their other shows.

        • Babar Suhail

          CBS doesn’t win Fridays, ABC does when they are airing original programming.

          • las

            They win with total viewers.

          • Babar Suhail

            Total viewers don’t matter, the demo does.

          • Sonny Crockett

            That demo really is pathetic because…..at least in our area, with the economy the way it is, many younger people are still living at home or have moved back
            with their parents. The parents are over 49 and are the ones watching the commercials (not me, we DVR and start watching 20 minutes after it starts) at home in Friday nights. Typical…..if you’re under 18 and over 49…..you don’t matter. Blue Bloods has an even larger audience than Five-0 with an even to lower demo…..and that show is on the “bubble” as well. You have two successful shows that have great viewership, moreso when DVR numbers are added in…..and it’s still not good enough.

  • Danno

    Is better than, for example, The Good Wife.

  • Sam William

    Hope he is right because ratings are no good .Total viewers are irrelevant , only 18/49 age demo matters.Last episode got a 1.1 demo , lowest CBS drama of the week , matching The Good Wife. Ratings won’t help us.
    If CBS is thinking future syndication deals , they may want more episodes produced and give the show a S6. But if they only look at the ratings I am not hopeful.

    • Patty Thurston

      Well, no one asked me. We were a Nielsen family at one time, with the box on the tv etc. If one of the kids would leave the tv on all day while they were gone, we were giving shows high ratings for nothing. Hawaii 5 0 is very entertaining; the acting is great, the plots are great, the scenery is superb. Its enjoyable. Friday nite is a tough time slot.

    • Kevin Steigelman

      H50 getting a 1.1 or 1.2 isn’t that bad on a Friday when that night they really don’t care about. If it was on a regular night then I would be worried but for a Friday show it’s doing pretty good.

      • Danno

        In 2015:

        5×10 – 1.4
        5×11 – 1.5
        5×12 – 1.5
        5×13 – 1.5
        5×14 – 1.3
        5×15 – 1.2
        5×16 – 1.4
        5×17 – 1.2
        5×18 – 1.2
        5×19 – 1.2
        5×20 – 1.2
        5×21 – 1.1

        So it looks pretty good

  • Margaret Shipman

    Hawaii 5-0 is fantastic !!!! I will be very ticked if it’s not renewed !!!!!