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BY LINDSEY MURAOKA / Special to the Star-Advertiser

It’s been three months since I’ve become vegan. Overall, I feel really good. My body feels light and clean. Never in my life did I think I could live without cheese or eggs, but amazingly I haven’t had any cravings. I feel like my body went through a huge detox and all I want to eat now is lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

At first, I thought it would be difficult to eat with my friends and family but they have been supportive of my new lifestyle and will try vegan restaurants with me. I want to share some of my favorite places that I eat at often. My non-vegan family and friends like these places too!


Peace Cafe (2239 S. King St.) is my favorite place to eat. I go here at least once a week! I love it because everything is vegan so I don’t have to worry about asking questions about the dishes.

The hardest part is choosing what to eat because everything I’ve tried here is good. My favorites are the Heart & Soul, Yogini and poke bowl. Also be sure to try their ice cream. It’s very creamy and made with maple syrup.

The Heart & Soul ($10.65) is a vegan version of bibimbap with yuzu carrots, sesame kale, bean sprouts, fresh tofu and tvp (textured vegetable protein).


The Yogini ($10.25) is good when you want something light but still filling. It has coconut kale, black eyed peas and seaweed over brown rice with lemon tahini dressing.


So far I’ve tried their apple, avocado, pitaya, chocolate and matcha ice cream flavors and they were all wonderful. This is their ice cream sundae ($5.25) with chocolate and matcha ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and pecans! The flavors of the ice cream are very strong, especially the matcha.

peace cafe


Downbeat Diner (42 N. Hotel St.) isn’t a vegan restaurant, but there’s a vegan alternative for everything on the menu! From vegan loco moco to milk shakes, I love going here when I’m craving junk food. I recommend ordering French fries and their amazing vegan buffalo wings ($7 for 5 pieces) with addicting ranch sauce. I swear they taste better than ones made with chicken.

downbeat diner


Whenever I am craving pho, I go to vegan restaurant Loving Hut (1614 S. King St) and order their Royal Noodle Soup ($10.50). It’s spicy and comforting and filled with tons of tofu and vegetables. Fun fact: Sriracha sauce is vegan!

loving hut


Kiwami Ramen (641 Keeaumoku St.) has a vegan miso ramen ($9.45) with bamboo shoots, green onions and baby corn. The broth is thick and flavorful with a kick of spice. Ramen is one of my favorite things to eat, so I’m very happy there’s a place in Hawaii with a vegan option!



Satori, a pop-up vegan restaurant located at the Soto Mission (1708 Nuuanu Ave.) is my favorite place to eat for Saturday brunch! I wrote about them in a previous blog post. The dishes are beautifully made and tasty. I look forward to their special holiday menus.


A couple weeks ago they did an American-style breakfast with mochi pancakes topped with macadamia nut sauce, maple tempeh, potatoes with fried cabbage, fruit parfait and green smoothie. Everything on their menu is vegan and gluten free.
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