Island Mele: Rose steps forward

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Tim Rose introduced himself as a singer/songwriter with a five-song CD, “Extended Play,” in 2011. This is his first full-length album.

tim rose


Tim Rose (Tim Rose)

The lyrics reaffirm his range as an insightful writer on an assortment of subjects. The instrumental arrangements position him as contemporary mainstream pop artist — a little bit rock, a little bit bluesy — worthy of a national audience.

Rose opens with “Be Myself,” a songwriter’s message to himself about the importance of not allowing other people to define him. Other songs stand out for their lyric insights into human behavior. “Say One Thing” calls out people — politicians, “model chicks” — who say they’re going to do one thing and do another; Rose admits in the final verses that he sometimes does it too.

With “Good to be Bad,” he reveals some of the things men may be thinking while they’re talking with a woman and suggests that men aren’t always as gullible as they may seem.

Other songs describe the torment of addiction and the pain of failed relationships.

Remakes of other artists’ hits all too often fall short but Rose comes up with something fresh and original in doing the Buffalo Springfield hit, “For What It’s Worth,” with an edgier rhythm arrangement.

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