Island Mele: Talent shines on ‘Summer Dream’

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The talents of more than two dozen musicians, vocalists and songwriters are on display in this 16-song compilation album. The participants range in age and experience from teenage singer-songwriters LIV and Chloe XOXO to music industry veterans like Kevin Jones and 2005 Hoku Award winners SUGahDADDY ‘e Hawaiian Rock Band.


Various Artists (Daddy Leopard)

The music is equally eclectic. Acoustic rock, blistering buzz-saw punk, hip hop, surf rock and Jawaiian tunes are all part of the playlist. The Swedish word smörgåsbord, which describes a particularly lavish and diverse buffet, is appropriate regarding the diversity.

Almost every selection is different from the others, each is tasty in its own way. Some of the songs have nautical or beach party themes, others not, but each one has an interesting story to tell.

The record label is donating 100% of the proceeds from this download-only project to the Surfrider Foundation—Oahu Chapter. All going well “Summer Dream” will boost the careers of the talented participants as well.

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