Island Mele: ‘The Citadel’ launches new metal epic

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Three Hawaii resident rock music veterans — Mark Caldeira, Jimmy Caterine and Gerard K. Gonsalves — are the foundation of this heavy metal rock opera about an interplanetary war in the year 4157 A.D.


SIN73 (Tin Idol)

Caldeira stars as D3V1N, a “bio-mechanically enhanced” human soldier who becomes separated from his unit in deep space, passes through a collapsing black hole, and ends up crash landing on Earth only to find that the civilization he was fighting for has been destroyed.

Caterine sings the role of Carver, the leader of a group of “tech scavengers” who hunt and kill cyber-soldiers like D3V1N for the value of the “tech” within their bodies. Gonsalves is the producer of the project; he also plays drums and keyboards.

Another Tin Idol artist, Sandy “Storm” Essman, appears late in the story as the powerful Arc Angel.

“The Citadel” lives up to the high expectations set by two previous Tin Idol projects – “Jesus Christ Supernova” and “Metal Kalikimaka” — and is powerful heavy metal music that Hawaii can be proud to claim. It is also the first part of a projected trilogy. A graphic novel or computer-generated sci-fi film treatment of the story would be a logical spin-off.

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