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BY KALANI WILHELM / Special to the Star-Advertiser

In his quest for inspiration, 25-year-old producer DJ Bricen McCartney used to sit in front of his computer for hours at a time. While the method produced a fare share of triumphant hits it resulted in many more bouts of frustrating misses.

Today, he has shifted his approach away from the clutches of Youtube and music website slavery, to more of an unforced, organic process that has led to the sounds, feelings and textures of music to be more addictively appealing and original.

“I’ve learned that inspiration only hits you when you show up every day and that bad ideas just bring me closer to ones that will work,” said the producer and DJ known as BVZY. “I still try to bring myself to a good frame of mind but it’s not a requirement anymore. Falling in love with the process really pushes me forward.”


Bricen McCartney is the resident DJ every Friday at Fresh Cafe downtown.

McCartney is hopeful that the maturation of his perception and the advancement in his creativity capacity will be revealed on his upcoming EP entitled “Eternity,” a project soon to be available for public audible consumption on Soundcloud and Bandcamp websites.

“Outside of (myself), the biggest barrier would be just getting people outside my friends and family to hear and eventually connect with my music,” he said.” Hopefully that will come in time and with this new EP.”

McCartney has been dabbling in production since he was 17 but constructing beats became a more serious endeavor after he graduated from Pacific University with a degree in Business Management in 2012.
“I wanted to release a body of work as a change of pace to releasing individual tracks. I had a bunch of songs that kind of all fit together and really wanted to do something a little more substantial,” he said. “I hope the project showcases where I’ve come from and that people connect with it.”

On the production tip, he said his sound is one that has evolved from sample-based production to the more hard hitting electronic sound popularized in music of today. While he said J-Dilla, DJ Premier and Pete Rock originally inspired him to create music, the more abstract, off-beat creations of beat crafters like Knxwledge, Dibiase, Flylo continue to keep his excitement at an all-time high.

McCartney, who used to host a hip-hop radio show at PU, has found himself in the heart of dance club central as a resident DJ every Friday at Fresh Cafe downtown. He considers himself to be lucky to have the opportunity to showcase his high energy boosted blends of electronica, (among other genres he plays) at such a well-regarded establishment because he has been DJing for just a little over a year.

“What I play when I DJ is a little different than what I produce but both are equally fun. Doing my own shows is the goal,” he said.

Should the chance to headline his own show in the near future come to fruition, it will surely happen if he continues to use the right reasons as fuel, because inspiration told him to.
Check out his latest ep.

Kalani Wilhelm covers nightlife and music for the Pulse. Contact him via email or follow him on Twitter.

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