Island Mele: ‘I Believe’ by Pati

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Pati feat. Sina (RSM)

Pati made his Hawaii debut in 2001 with the first of two albums produced by the Whodunnits for Rukkus Records.

Both albums — the second was released in 2003 — positioned Pati as a soulful crooner of urban-style pop slow jams and made him a rising star locally, but an excess of generic Jawaiian remakes left him short of the material he needed to set himself apart from the thousands of urban-style vocalists who already had mainland record deals.

Twelve years later Pati is back. He’s working with new producers and signed to a different label, but his voice as soulful as ever. He sings of believing in love, of surviving times when he didn’t know where he was going, and that “we can be the change we want to see.”

Messages of hope and faith in a better future never go out of style.

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