Island Mele: Knumbskulls share ‘Classics’

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Revisiting old material is something all veteran artists are entitled to do as the years go by. The Knumbskulls are doing that with “Untold Classics.”

knumbskulls untold classics


The Knumbskulls (Hawaiian Express)

Announced prior to its release in August as a EP — the industry term for a record with more than two songs but less than 10 — “Untold Classics” is actually a full-length 12-song album with seven studio recordings and another five “bonus live tracks” that show how the group sounds when they’re being inspired by a crowd.

Two guest vocalists join them on studio tracks — Mickey Finn on “Another Day,” Sidney Branch on “Beautiful Ones.” The studio sessions are also notable for including acoustic arrangements of two songs. One of the acoustic numbers, “Without Reason,” comes up a second time as a full-throttle rocker in the “live” recordings.

The bottom line is that the group approaches these vintage originals with, say, 15 years more maturity but with no drop in intensity, commitment and craftsmanship.

Congratulations to the Knumbskulls’ resident song writers, known professionally as Clif Knumbskull and Aaron Knumbskull, on keeping their work alive and fresh. Congratulations also to Knumbskulls’ drummer Paul Van who engineered and mixed the album.

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