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BY KALANI WILHELM / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Inspiration can range in intensity for Adam “Fathom” Kanekoa, but when it strikes it extends beyond the musical realm to all facets of his life to ensure as many people can benefit from the creative energy as possible.

A fan of a wide range of music that dates back to the 1960s, Kanekoa has a great appreciation for the dynamic thought processes that go into making a song timeless.

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“I find inspiration for my music everywhere,” said the tech-house craftsman. “Places I visit, events I attend, sounds that I hear and even in my dreams. There is so much amazing music coming out every day. My friends in the music industry here (on) Oahu and abroad also inspire me.”

As much as he prefers to make original music, the accomplished B-boy also enjoys putting his own twists on classic old school songs just as much. This is the case on his latest offering, “Hot Summer Streets,” where he puts a refreshing, hypnotic groove on the 1980s Bananarama hit, “Cruel Summer.” The eclectic deep house offering, released on local label Asylum Confidential, will appear on the forthcoming “Kau Wela” compilation album under his real name.

Kanekoa. who has been employed at a local destination and event management company for the past eight years, also applies his artistic skill set by creating visually and aesthetically pleasing events for people around the world.

“I love creating a themed event that can make people’s jaw drop,” he said. “My wife and I even did our own wedding last year. Together we are really something special.

“I have been doing events for most of my life, whether it was special events at nightclubs, or underground parties in the desert.”

Over the last few weeks, the demands of Kanekoa’s day job had him bouncing back and forth from Maui where he recently took part in a community renovation and beautification project at the KHAKO Homeless Resource Center in Lahaina. Kanekoa helped install and build new indoor and outdoor furniture at the center and helped build vegetable garden beds equipped with self irrigation systems. His company worked in conjunction with Microsoft, which also donated electronics to the center.

“For me it is symbolic of new life and a new beginning, and will hopefully inspire the people of KHAKO in the same way,” Kanekoa said. “It really was a fun project that allowed us to give back to the community and provide everyone involved with an awesome sense of accomplishment.”

Aside from his ambitions of becoming the best producer possible, he also aspires to be a catalyst who helps spread the message of the benefits of sustainability and living green.

“I feel like everyone should be able to take care of themselves and the world around them, at least to some degree,” he said. “In my household, we recycle everything. We eat all-organic foods and we grow much of our own produce. We try not to waste anything.

“Too many people (now) are dependent on things to be provided for them. Did you know that 90 percent of Hawaii’s food is imported? If all imports were to stop for whatever reason, there would only be enough food to supply the people of Hawaii for 10 days. How crazy is that?

“It was a very different story back in the day. My people were living (completely) on their own. Almost the exact opposite of what’s going on in today’s society.”
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