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BY KALANI WILHELM / Special to the Star-Advertiser

Jon Sucaldito is a talented hip-hop head who lets his raps on the live stage and beats in the booth communicate his passion.

Sucaldito, known affectionately as Jon Cozy in the local DJ and rap hemisphere, has a track record of exceeding expectations. Whether he’s inducing over-the-edge rhymes as a member of the rap trio Ill Hill Society or The Horror Show, getting busy on the electronica side as part of the Astronauts By Night duo, or spinning in the turntable culture, he defies the odds every time because he doesn’t look at things as everyone else does. Off-the-wall moments of thought and perspective come naturally to the Makakilo native, whose greatest strength is that he believes just about all of his ideas can come to fruition.

“It’s that whole ‘I think I can do that’ attitude I have,” he said. “I acknowledge that I can’t do this alone, so I rely on my crew to let me know if one of my ideas is too out of reach or stupid to even pursue.”

Sucaldito’s latest, greatest concept is The Aloha Broha podcast, a Sunday evening program that dials in to the interest levels of underground enthusiasts of music, technology and art in an informal conversational style.

Sucaldito, who shares hosting duties with partners in crime and rhyme Science Ben and local hip-hop artist Kwalified, said the concept to start his own weekly podcast came from hours at work listening to talk show podcasts like The Indoor Kids and The Joe Rogan Experience.


Jon Sucaldito’s has toned down his reckless nightlife behavior recently to focus his energy on cultivating his underground culture podcast Aloha Broha.

“From there I fell deeper into the podcast rabbit hole, until I was deep enough to think to myself ‘I can do this,’ which is how I begin a lot of my endeavors,” he said.

The podcast, a part of his crews’ Green Leaf Check Network, was originally created to highlight his DJ mixes but the show has broadened not only its scope but his confidence socially. So far guests among the 25 shows (alohabroha.com) have included Justin “DJ Bone” Kaneshiro, Grammy nominated producer Christian “Graves” Mochizuki as well as topical discussion on medical marijuana and local professional wrestling. The latest installment of the show features fusion band Alt/Air.

“Sometimes I have issues getting a point across in a conversation, so I do like seeing myself grown in that aspect,” said Sulcaldito, who considers himself to be an introvert by nature. “Up to this point I have loved meeting people, and actually getting to know the people that I may have only known in passing or through social media.”

“Current social climate has us tweeting each other passionately but ultimately things can be lost in translation,” he said.”I wanted to humanize (my) screen name.”

Weekends that once heavily revolved around unapologetic partying are now dedicated to work, DJing and performing, his podcast and entering into his creative zone by any means necessary. His time is more valuable than ever he said.

“These are conscious decisions I make because I know that the next day I need to do at least one more thing to make a better person and get out of this drone lifestyle most people here are accustomed to,” he said. “I can’t do that if I’m wasting a whole day recovering from depleted seratonin levels and alcohol intake.”

”I don’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to towards being creative as before because I’ve grown up since. Now I got bills to pay, but I always make sure I have enough time to create.”
Kalani Wilhelm covers nightlife and music for the Pulse. Contact him via email or follow him on Twitter.

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