VIDEO: Soul Sessions featuring HAPA

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Often encapsulated as the “Sound of Maui” or the “Soundtrack of Hawaii,” the music and sound of HAPA evokes a place that many people have referred to as heavenly.

Hypnotic, liquid guitar runs are woven around clear, tenor Hawaiian vocals and immaculate harmonies driven by poetic lyrics exulting the rapture of the Hawaiian landscape, history and mythology with a dose of American folk-rock.

Founding member Barry Flanagan originated the HAPA sound in Lahaina in the 1980s and has since taken the band’s sound around the world multiple times. HAPA’s self-titled debut album was released in 1993, and their music has also been featured in various television shows and feature films over the last 20 years.
Video courtesy Soul Sessions USA. Visit every Tuesday for more performances by various Hawaii-based recording artists.

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