YouTube star ‘Sings’ at Hawaii Theatre

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“Miranda Sings,” a popular one-woman show spun off from a quirky YouTube character, comes to the Hawaii Theatre on Saturday.

Miranda Sings


» Where: Hawaii Theatre, 1130 Bethel St.
» When: 7 p.m. Saturday
» Cost: $37.50
» Info: (808) 528-0506,

Miranda is the alter ego of actress-singer Colleen Ballinger Evans, who created the character as a way of poking fun at fellow actors hawking and hyping their talents on the Internet.

The pretentious know-it-all, oblivious to her lack of talent in everything, emerged in the 2009 video “Free Voice Lesson,” in which she offers advice such as “to sing higher, lift your eyebrows and lift your chin,” and “shake your chin, or your head, or your body” to create vibrato.

“Free Voice Lesson” made Miranda a YouTube sensation, and she’s followed it up with upchucking cooking videos — she puts mustard, ranch dressing and Sriracha sauce in pancakes — along with delightfully awkward dance tutorials, clueless responses to her fans (she calls them Mirfandas) and other topics of questionable importance, all dripping with condescension. The strangely compelling and humorous performances have drawn more than 700 million viewings on YouTube.

The latest contribution to the Miranda opus is a book, “Selp-Helf,” which should be quite a read, since her spelling and grammar appear to be a combination of bad phonetics, casual observation and pure guesswork.

“I’m so essited about my new book! Go by it rite now or I will git you so goodly,” Miranda says on her website,


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