In the Mix: USBG Hawaii shares ‘Mocktail’ recipes

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Ten Eleven bartender Tiffany Magee concocts a Helemoa-Jito, an alcohol-free drink based off a recipe by local mixologist Joey Gottesman.


Being responsible doesn’t have to be boring this holiday season, thanks to the combined efforts of the Hawaii State Department of Transportation, DTRIC Insurance and the Hawaii Chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild.

For people dedicating themselves to doing the right thing, designated drivers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to drink options. They’re often stuck with an unappealing choice between stuff like bottled water or boring soft drinks as everyone else at the party is jumping on the mixology train, sampling the latest microbrews or pouring themselves a glass of wine.

Makers and Shakers Mocktail


By Joey Gottesman, Youngs Market Hawaii

» 1 fresh pineapple wedge
» 10 fresh mint leaves
» 1 oz. fresh-pressed lime juice
» 1 oz. Coco Real Cream of Coconut
» 2 oz. pineapple juice

Muddle pineapple wedge and fresh mint leaves in the bottom of a mixing glass. Add lime juice, Coco Real Cream of Coconut and pineapple juice. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain over ice into a 12-ounce glass and garnish with pineapple and mint.

HDOT’s “Mocktails” recipe booklet levels the playing field, with more than a dozen alcohol-free cocktails created by some of Hawaii’s most talented bartenders. DTRIC Insurance also stepped in to help get hard copies of the booklet printed and distributed in Kakaako next weekend.

USBG Hawaii Chapter president Dave Newman said it wasn’t hard to find a willing lineup of bartenders ready to showcase their creativity.

“We kicked around a few ideas and came up with this booklet,” he said. “The USBG is big on making sure people don’t drink too much. Our members will always do their best to make you something you can enjoy, regardless if it has alcohol in it or not.

“The idea of people taking these recipes and making them at home is pretty cool. You can have a Fourth or July party or something like that and make something fun for your guests.”

One of the alcohol-free drinks from the booklet will be featured on Dec. 18 at Ten Eleven, the bar within food truck marketplace Makers & Tasters at the old Fisherman’s Wharf location near Kewalo Basin. Joey Gottesman’s Helemoa-Jito uses coconut, lime and pineapple to satisfy those looking for something that’s refreshing without being overly sweet. (See the recipe above.)

“There’s definitely different layers of flavors involved instead of just pouring out a soft drink,” said Ten Eleven’s Derrick Stevens. “There are a lot of designated drivers going out with family and friends, as well as people who aren’t really into drinking at all. Now they can participate in what we’re doing at Ten Eleven.”

Pick up a free copy of the “Mocktails” recipe booklet from 4:30 to 9:30 p.m. Dec. 18 at Makers & Tasters and 6 to 11 p.m. Dec. 19 at Honolulu Night + Market, 449 Cooke Street. An online version of the booklet is also available via HDOT’s website.
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